Group of diverse students

Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Scholarships: In keeping with Duquesne's Spiritan heritage, we seek to increase endowed funds for need-based financial aid and scholarships. Our founders and sponsors were determined that the benefits of a Duquesne education should be available to all, regardless of ability to pay. Endowed scholarships ensure that Duquesne can attract and retain talented and motivated students for generations to come

Unrestricted Funds: Unrestricted gifts allow the director the flexibility to direct resources to ODI’s most critical needs and respond to unexpected opportunities. Many gifts to ODI are designated for a specific purpose, making these discretionary funds even more valuable.

Cross-Cultural Program Endowment: As society becomes increasingly pluralistic, all students need to develop the knowledge and skills to successfully work with people of different backgrounds. ODI offers a wide range of co-curricular educational programs that not only improve the diversity climate on campus, but also prepare students to become leaders in personal and professional settings. These initiatives may include targeted efforts (such as financial literacy programs for at-risk students or anti-racist interventions dealing with specific situations) as well broad-based workshops and speakers open to all students that provide insights into cultural issues. Endowment funds are needed to ensure the continuation and expansion of these cross-cultural programs.

Multicultural Student Advisory Council: While ODI bears primary responsibility for cross-cultural initiatives, it also seeks to respond to student needs and promote campus-wide awareness and dialogue. ODI has assembled a panel of student leaders to help guide its efforts. Currently, this body operates only in an advisory capacity, but in the future, ODI seeks dedicated funding that the Council, in turn, could allocate to other student organizations that wish to offer multicultural programs furthering ODI’s goals.

Peer Educators: This program would create a corps of “diversity ambassadors.” Similar to resident assistants, these student leaders would receive intensive certification training in promoting diversity and addressing multicultural issues across campus. Funding is needed to support both training and stipends for selected students during academic terms.

Travel Funds: Students’ educational experiences and leadership skills are enhanced by attendance at regional and national professional conferences. Funds are needed to defray students’ costs of travel to and participation in these valuable networking opportunities.

Book Scholarships: The increasing expense of required textbooks is a real barrier to many students seeking to begin or continue their studies. ODI book scholarships would assist needy students in addressing this vital academic need.

Multicultural Resource Library: ODI seeks to build, maintain and house a collection of books, audio and video resources addressing diversity issues both on campus and in the larger society. These materials would provide opportunities for students to enhance their understanding and implement principles demonstrated in other ODI activities.

Naming of the Department: A substantial endowment gift commitment to name the ODI would provide continuing funds for many of the initiatives described herein, while serving as a perpetual living testament to the donor’s generosity, compassion and vision.

Endowed Graduate Fellowship: Would provide funding for a graduate assistant to help the director implement new and existing programs and work directly with students.

Facilities Improvements: Operational funds are sought to renovate, maintain and decorate ODI offices and upgrade the technology available for student and staff use.