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Honors College

Scholarship Funds and Academic Support: Our Spiritan founders and sponsors were determined that the benefits of a Duquesne education should be available to all, regardless of ability to pay. Endowed scholarships ensure that Duquesne can attract and retain the most talented and motivated students for generations to come.

Such support is particularly important to the Honors College. The outstanding students Duquesne seeks to recruit are coveted by many institutions, and often have multiple scholarship offers to choose from. Endowed scholarship funding will maintain and enhance Duquesne’s competitive position with this critical pool of talent.

Funds are also needed to provide scholarships and awards for Honors College students continuing beyond the freshman year, to recognize demonstrated excellence in the classroom, laboratory, campus and community.

Unrestricted Funds: Unrestricted gifts allow the director to direct resources to the program’s most critical needs and to respond to unexpected opportunities. The vast majority of gifts to the Honors College are designated for a specific program or purpose, making such discretionary funds particularly valuable.

Faculty Support Grants: The Honors College Core Curriculum emphasizes team teaching and multidisciplinary approaches to course content. Faculty members working in this creative environment need funding support for their collaborative efforts to plan course content and prepare class materials.

Support for Undergraduate Research: The Honors College encourages its members to engage in serious undergraduate research, regardless of their field of study. Many of Duquesne’s schools and departments offer robust undergraduate research opportunities. The Honors College seeks to work collaboratively with these efforts and to promote student scholarly inquiry in other disciplines.

Funding is needed for such expenses as student travel to conduct research or present their findings at academic conferences. Ultimately, the Honors College hopes to create a formal center for undergraduate research that would review applications and award such support. The center would also organize events featuring the best of Duquesne’s undergraduate student research, encourage outstanding undergraduate students to apply for the major national competitive scholarships, and assist students in navigating the arduous application process for these scholarships.

Furnishings and Improvements for Honors/Service Learning Building: The new headquarters for the Honors College and the Office of Service Learning is located in a historic 19th Century building. Significant renovations have been made and the offices are currently operating in the location, however there is still a need for furnishings and artwork (especially art with a Pittsburgh or Duquesne theme). Technological upgrades are also needed, including wireless Internet connectivity and an Internet-linked projection system for the conference area.

Naming Opportunities: Many of these priorities present excellent naming opportunities for generous benefactors at specified levels. These may include named scholarships and faculty resource funds, naming of the center for undergraduate research center, and naming of the Honors College itself.