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Law Clinical Education Building

Salus Populi Suprema Lex

The words of Cicero, "The welfare of the people is the highest law," serve as the motto for Duquesne University's School of Law. The School is founded on the principle that mere proficiency in the law is not sufficient. The Duquesne lawyer pursues his or her practice with a deep sense of moral and ethical values and a commitment to service and justice for all.

Clinical legal education is an integral component of the Duquesne Law curriculum. For more than 50 years, the School of Law has employed a variety of approaches that better prepare its students for practice, introduce them to employment opportunities and extend the time-honored tradition of pro bono service to persons who have limited access to legal services.

The School's distinctive clinical programs provide students with hands-on experience representing real clients and interests under the supervision of experienced attorneys.

Growth Necessitates New Facilities

In 1997, Law Clinic facilities were moved from the basement of the Law Library in Hanley Hall to new quarters on the sixth floor of Fisher Hall on campus. This location was designed to better resemble a professional law office environment, and was considered a significant upgrade. The facilities were adequate for the clinics operating at the time, but are now stretched to or beyond their capacity, limiting the further expansion of clinical programs.

Other aspects of this location have also proven to be less than optimal. For example, because it is on campus, it is difficult for clients to find their way to the Clinic. Once inside, visitors find it hard to navigate hallways, elevators and stairwells that are often crowded with students hurrying to and from classes throughout the day.

A potential solution is at hand. The University has acquired a three-story structure at 914 Fifth Avenue-a prime location situated across the street from the CONSOL Energy Center and the Chatham Center office and hotel complex, in the heart of the growing Uptown district.

As a stand-alone building, clients (and passers-by) will easily recognize the home of Duquesne's Law Clinics. The structure will be occupied solely by the clinics, making the student traffi c congestion a vestige of the past. Clinic students, however, will retain easy access to city, county, state and federal offices and courts, and scores of law offices, within a few blocks' walk.

The first floor will be the hub of student-client interaction. Clients will be welcomed in a comfortable, professional reception area before being escorted into one of three new meeting rooms. This level also includes a student work room and small office.

The second level will house another student work room, a beautiful conference room, and flexibly-furnished moot courtroom and classroom, making it the educational center of the building

The third story will house much-needed offices for the Director, clinical faculty, and administrative support staff, with a sweeping view overlooking Uptown Pittsburgh.

The Law School will need significant individual and organizational fi nancial support to take advantage of this great opportunity. Funds are required to renovate the space and install suitable furnishings, along with state-of-the-art equipment and technology. A variety of naming opportunities are available.

Your support of this project will allow more students to benefit from clinical education at Duquesne, enriching their preparation for legal practice. At the same time, your generosity will help more underserved individuals and organizations receive the legal representation they need and deserve.

Join our students in pursuing the welfare of the people-the highest law-with your gift to the new Clinical Education Building today.