School of Pharmacy

Scholarship Funds: In keeping with Duquesne University’s Spiritan heritage, we seek to increase endowed funds for need-based financial aid and scholarships. Our founders and sponsors were determined that the benefits of a Duquesne education should be available to all, regardless of ability to pay. Endowed scholarships ensure that Duquesne can attract and retain talented and motivated students for generations to come.

Unrestricted Funds: Unrestricted gifts allow the dean to direct resources to the School's most critical needs and to respond to unexpected opportunities. The vast majority of gifts to the Pharmacy School are designated for a specific program or purpose, making such discretionary funds particularly valuable. Some of the most important uses of these finds are to support student pharmacist leadership programs, presentations at national meetings, and attendance at state and national meetings.

Learning Technology: The School seeks funding for educational technology and software to enhance student learning and teaching outcomes. The development of more interactive lectures and patient simulations will enhance student problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Entrepreneurial Education: The entrepreneurial spirit has been the impetus for improving health and financial outcomes through pharmacy innovations, including work flow solutions and robotics, design and delivery of medications, and the ability to provide services in a cost-effective manner while enhancing patient care. Interdisciplinary initiatives will plant the seeds of innovation and independence by integrating entrepreneurial education throughout the curriculum. All pharmacy students will increase their knowledge in emotional and social intelligence and skills in marketing, management, problem-solving, and development of business plans to fully develop their innovative ideas. In keeping with Duquesne's mission and values, students will develop a keen appreciation of ethical issues and practices of business and pharmacy. Duquesne pharmacy graduates will be uniquely qualified to start their own business or bring entrepreneurial skills to established employers. Resource funds have already been secured, supporting faculty efforts to study and adapt best practices, develop courses and teaching tools, and build partnerships within and outside the University.

Center for Pharmacy Care: This academic research center provides pharmacist-directed programs and services for disease prevention and health management for the campus community, employers, and the Pittsburgh community. Recognized as a model in pharmacist-directed wellness by the National Association of Chain Drug Stores, the Center offers publications, seminars, health screenings and follow-up counseling. The Center seeks to expand its community practice education, research, and service efforts in underserved neighborhoods. Giving opportunities include naming of the Center and funding for outreach programs.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology: Federal regulatory initiatives are encouraging drug manufacturers to implement Process Analytical Technology, a scientific framework designed to promote innovation, efficiency and quality. This, in turn, creates a need for a new breed of pharmaceutical process chemists with skills in chemical engineering, pharmaceutics and analytical chemistry. As one of only 11 academic institutions participating in the Institute for Pharmaceutical Technology and Education, Duquesne seeks to meet this growing need through the integration of teaching, training and basic research, and by fostering cooperation among universities, industry and government. Financial support will help Duquesne to develop both programs and facilities that will keep the school and its students at the leading edge of this initiative.