Robert & Patricia Gussin Spiritan Division of Academic Programs

The Gussin Spritan Division of Academic Programs opens the door to success for deserving students who profit from four semesters of our individualized academic, vocational and personal support. Since our inception in 1997, we have served 691 students. Using a cohort model that emphasizes personal and professional growth, 68 percent of our students continue at the University and earn their undergraduate degrees.

The drive, determination and ability of our students and the effectiveness of our personalized attention are demonstrated by their academic performance. Fifty-four percent of our 2008-09 freshman class, for example, attained a 3.0 or better grade point average and 98 percent earned a 2.0 or better by the end of their second semester. We are an academic success program with a 13-year track record of graduating successful people.

One secret of our success is our diversity. Our students and staff come from widely different backgrounds, various regions of the country and from abroad, making us the most ethnically and culturally diverse academic program on campus.

Operational Support Opportunities

Endowed Partial Scholarship: Provides partial tuition support for a Gussin Spiritan Division student.

Endowed Scholarship: Provides major tuition support for a Gussin Spiritan Division student.

Endowed Fund for Student Resources: Provides funds to defray the costs of books, supplies and other educational expenses incurred by Gussin Spiritan Division students.

Endowed Teaching Assistant Fellowship: Attracts outstanding graduate teaching assistants and supports their studies.

Director's Discretionary Endowment: Assists the Director by offering flexible resources to address changing needs.

Endowed Directorship: Ensures that the University continues to attract and retain a top professional as Director.

Endowed Cultural Enrichment Scholarships: Supports living and travel expenses for Gussin Spiritan Division students at Duquesne's Italian Campus for one semester.