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Duquesne University Tamburitzans


Travel Costs: The Tamburitzans travel tens of thousands of miles each year. While show presenters cover a portion of the expenses, the rising price of hotels, food, fuel and other necessities places an increasing strain on the ensemble's budget. Generous benefactors can help keep the Tammies "on the road."

Technology and Visual Effects: Tamburitzans' shows are already a kaleidoscope of sight and sound, with lively music, energetic dancing and colorful costumes. Still, in an arts marketplace full of high-tech offerings, the Tamburitzans seek to attract new generations of fans by enhancing their audio/visual effects. Significant funds are needed for the purchase, operation and upkeep of such equipment.

Facilities: The Tamburitzans are more than a performing ensemble. Their headquarters building along the Boulevard of the Allies near the Duquesne campus houses office and rehearsal space, along with a vast collection of books, journals, films, recordings, costumes and instruments. These assets are more than cultural treasures, they ensure the cultural accuracy and integrity of every Tamburitzans performance. Funds are needed for exterior lighting and other physical maintenance and improvements. In addition, the building itself and many of its rooms are available as naming opportunities to permanently honor the donor or another individual.

Instruments and Costumes: Gifts to the Tamburitzans' instrument and costume funds are always welcome. Authentic instruments used in performances can cost from $500 to $3,000, while each intricate costume-hand-made to exacting specifications-may cost from $300 to $1,500.


Unrestricted gifts allow the director to direct resources to the ensemble's most critical needs and to respond to unexpected opportunities. The vast majority of gifts to the Tamburitzans are designated for a specific purpose, making such discretionary funds particularly valuable.


Duquesne's Spiritan founders fervently believed that no student should be denied access to an education because of the inability to pay. This is especially important for the Tamburitzans. For generations, talented young men and women have entertained and enlightened audiences while receiving valuable scholarships that have prepared them for successful lives and careers.

Today, the University-funded grant-in-aid each Tamburitzan receives, combined with available endowed scholarship funds, only covers less than half the cost of a Duquesne education. This places the Tamburitzans at a competitive disadvantage in attracting talented students against other institutions that offer full scholarships for dance and music.

The Tamburitzans' busy schedule makes outside work impractical, placing additional financial burdens on students and their families. A significantly enlarged endowment will allow scholarships to cover a larger percentage of participating students' expenses each year until- ultimately-Tamburitzans may receive full tuition support.