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Duquesne Society Member Spotlight - Matt and Katie Helfrich

Matt and Katie Helfrich

For both Matt (B'03) and Katie (HS'04) Helfrich, building a connection to Duquesne started with their famlies. As younger members of the Duquesne Society, they share what makes Duquesne special to them and why they choose to support their alma mater.

Why did you decide to attend Duquesne?

Family played a large role. Matt's parents met while they were students at Duquesne and Katie had an older brother that attended Duquesne as well. We both spent time on campus with our families and appreciated the appeal of having a close knit urban campus. Plus, we were from Pittsburgh originally and knew the special place that Duquesne holds in the heart of the city.

What were your most memorable experiences as students?

We were both involved in Greek Life (Matt in Sigma Nu and Katie in Alpha Gamma Delta) and appreciated the activities associated with it, especially Greek Sing.

In what ways did the education that you received at Duquesne impact your life?

We both feel that we became more educationally well-rounded and aware members of society. Duquesne's mission and foundation aligned with our core beliefs. We thought an education with roots in our faith was ideal. Also, the close access to the city and Duquesne alumni network has been a great way to stay connected.

What has inspired you to give back to your alma mater?

We want to provide for other students and Duquesne what it has provided for us; our friendships of today, our success in our fields, and our moral framework was influenced by our time at Duquesne.

How do you stay connected with the University as alumni?

We have attended alumni and donor events.  Matt is on the Investment Center Advisory Council, was a past member of CFP Education Advisory Council, and 2015 Palumbo-Donahue Young Alumni of the Year award winner. Also, Matt will be on campus in September providing a guest lecture for the Financial Management portion of a new required class for all freshman, the First Year Innovation Experience. There will likely be over 300 students in the class.