Vernon F. Gallagher Chair for the Integration of Science, Theology, Philosophy and Law

Gerard Magill, Ph.D.

Gerard Magill“The Gallagher Chair has made Duquesne a dynamic leader in the interdisciplinary field of health care ethics. I am able to engage the humanities in Philosophy and Theology with Law and Science across the fast-changing terrain of health care ethics, especially in the controversial and crucially important specialties of human genomics and stem cell research.

“The endowment also helped us to establish an academic Center for Health Care Ethics, expand and develop its influence within and beyond the University, and foster dynamic partnerships locally, regionally, and nationally. The Chair assures excellence in mentoring doctoral students in a manner that will develop a widespread network of graduates to provide ethical leadership in health care across the nation in the years and decades ahead.”

This endowed chair is named for Vernon F. Gallagher, who served as Duquesne’s eighth president from 1950-59, and was funded through the estate of the late Dr. Bernard J. Ransil, a 1951 graduate of the Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences.

The holder of the Gallagher Chair works in the areas of health care ethics/bioethics, focusing on research and publishing. He is a faculty member of the health care ethics program in the McAnulty Graduate School of Liberal Arts, teaching and mentoring doctoral students and serving on examination boards.