Adrian Van Kaam, C.S.Sp., Chair in Scholarly Excellence

Eva M. Simms, Ph.D.

Dr. Eva Simms, professor and director of the graduate program in psychology in the McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts, is the second holder of the Adrian Van Kaam, C.S.Sp., Chair in Scholarly Excellence. The Chair was established in 2010, and was first held by Dr. Aleem Gangjee of the School of Pharmacy.

Dr. Simms' interests are interdisciplinary (philosophy, psychology, ecology, poetry, spirituality, feminism), but they converge in her writing and research on child psychology and eco-psychology. Her research group, PlaceLab, works with students to develop phenomenological concepts and methods for researching the intersection of community, nature, and place in collaboration with community organizations that steward local green spaces.

The Rev. Adrian Van Kaam, C.S.Sp. was a member of the Psychology Department who founded the Institute of Formative Spirituality in 1964. The institute flourished until 1994 and awarded 25 Ph.D.s and 670 Master's degrees.