Gifts of Securities, Real Estate or Property

Appreciated Securities allow you to support Duquesne while receiving a charitable deduction and possibly avoiding capital gains taxes. See our Stock Transfer Instructions for more details.

Real Estate: Your home, land and other real estate may be used to make an immediate or life income gift. As with appreciated securities, real estate gifts held more than a year can offer significant tax benefits. Environmental, liability and marketability analyses, as well as prior approval by our Gift Acceptance Committee, are required before we can consider acceptance of real estate gifts. The value we place on your gift will be determined by an appraisal required by the IRS. Learn more to see if you qualify

Personal Property: You may wish to give personal property, such as instruments for the Mary Pappert School of Music, rare books for the library, or technical equipment for our labs. Tax treatment for a personal property gift differs depending on whether the gift's use is related or unrelated to Duquesne's exempt purpose. The IRS requires an appraisal for personal property gifts worth $5,000 or more. All proposed gifts of personal property must be evaluated by our Gift Acceptance Committee, and a Deed of Gift completed, before they can be accepted.