As Super Tuesday approaches, voters from 14 states will help determine the fate of Democratic Party presidential hopefuls. The nominees will be judged on a variety of key issues - immigration, the economy, health care - facing a divided country.

Candidates must also navigate a divided voter demographic, with some calling for progressives such as Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and other preferring moderates such as Joe Biden and Michael Bloomberg. And women and minority voters will continue to play an increasing role in deciding the nomination.

To aid your Super Tuesday coverage, Duquesne University's School of Law will have experts available to speak on these topics and more before, during and after the election. We also have an election site that features previous interviews and coverage.

Please feel free to contact us at the numbers listed below to arrange interviews with any one of our experts. The below list is not extensive, but you can find all of our legal scholars here.

Campaign Strategy

  • Joe Mistick has followed the Democratic Party for decades and shares his insights regularly on KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh. You can catch him here talking about Bloomberg.
  • Kristen Coopie is a political scientist and expert on presidential campaigns and the election process. You can find her upcoming thoughts on the 2020 election here.

Voter Confidence/Rights

  • Jalila Jefferson-Bullock is a former Louisiana State House Representative and an outspoken champion of voter rights. Given the voting problems in Iowa and Nevada, she can speak to the importance of voter confidence.
  • Emile Loza de Siles is a cybersecurity expert and founder of the Technology and Cybersecurity Law Group in Washington, D.C. and can provide insight on election interference.

Medicare for All

  • Wilson Huhn has authored a book on the Affordable Care Act and studied the constitutionality of health care systems.
  • Andrew Simpson is a historian and author of a book on the economic impacts of health care in cities. He can speak to how Medicare for All would work given different scenarios.

Women/Minority Voters

  • Rona Kaufman is an expert on women's rights, including issues surrounding equal pay and reproductive rights. She can also speak to how Jewish voters may impact the election.
  • Pablo Echeverri can speak to how a Sanders nomination could swing Latino voters, who generally vote for democratic candidates, to President Trump.

The Economy

  • Bruce Ledewitz is a constitutional law expert who has closely watched shifting economic policies under President Trump. He can speak to issues of free trade, market economies and other global concerns. He wonders why no democratic candidate seems to be discussing these issues.

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March 02, 2020