On the tail of the United Nations Youth Climate Summit, high school students will share practical ways in which humans can become better stewards of nature as part of an upcoming conference at Duquesne University.

The 5th annual Integrity of Creation Conference, an endowed presidential conference celebrating Duquesne's Spiritan mission, will focus on what is "going right" with planet Earth and the people driving those initiatives.

Five Spiritan Education Trust (SET) students from Ireland will present during a lunchtime session on Wednesday, Sept. 25, at 12:30 p.m. The SET is a community of schools founded by the Spiritan Congregation-the same order of Catholic priests that founded Duquesne University. Central Catholic High School students will also display research posters.

"Although our planet is already facing the cataclysmic effects of climate change, it does not have to end this way," says Glory Smith, coordinator of the conference. "These young people understand the reality that our planet is undergoing drastic changes and that they will witness some of these effects during their lifetimes. They feel a strong sense of responsibility."

The conference aims to foster discourse regarding science, policy, philosophy, health and religion as they relate to the environment-with the hope that discourse will inspire continued action.

"Given current projections, large areas like Indonesia will be threatened by rising oceans by mid-century, displacing millions. Where will these people go? How will we be able to sustain life on Earth if sea levels continue to rise? These are the realities we are facing," explains Dr. Gerard Magill, professor of heathcare ethics in Duquesne's McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts.

The conference also will feature lectures from leading sustainability and environmental scholars, including renowned theoretical physicist Dr. Sylvester Gates, who is the Ford Foundation Professor of Physics and Theoretical Physics Center Director at Brown University. Topics addressed will also include food sustainability, moral-spiritual responsibility and environmental policy.

For more information on the conference, visit www.duq.edu/ioc.

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September 16, 2019