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Bullying, Backpacks and Back-to-School Shopping: Duquesne Experts Available to Discuss Coming School Season

As families prepare for one of the biggest events of the season, Duquesne University experts are available to talk about bullying, backpacks and back-to-school shopping.

Nationally recognized experts on bullying, Dr. Tammy HughesDr. Laura Crothers andDr. Jered Kolbert address many aspects of this tough situation.

In a Duquesne YouTube video, Insights into Bullying, they discuss:

  • Anxiety and other issues for the 30 percent of students bullied nationwide
  • How adults need to encourage children to hold onto the qualities that make them special, despite bullying
  • The impact on the bully-and what to do if that bully is your own child.

More than half of America's students carry backpacks that are heavier than the recommended guidelines-and 85 percent of university students surveyed reported discomfort and pain with backpack use, said Dr. Patricia Crist, professor of occupational therapy.

Besides giving weight recommendations, Crist provides tips to better pack-and carry-a backpack to alleviate aching muscles for young children to adults.

Dr. Audrey Guskey, a national consumer expert, can discuss shopping trends for back-to-school this year, totaling nearly $84 billion. She notes:

  • Parents with children in grades K-12 are expected to spend an average of $688; college families, an average of $907
  • Shopping started very early this year; about 25% of families started TWO months prior to school starting, 50% started one month prior
  • Parents are giving their kids Ds....  shopping in discount, department and drug stores
  • Waiting until school starts to do your buying has its advantages.

Feel free to use the video clip on bullying or conduct your own interviews any of these experts; please contact Public Affairs to arrange a convenient time for your interview.

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