April 30
Singing of Mary in May
The Catholic Miscellany
interviewed Dr. George Worgul, chair of the Department of Theology, for this story about the connection in the Catholic faith of the Blessed Mother Mary to May.

April 29
Pittsburgh Area March Jobless Rate Rises, Economist Sees 16% in April
The Tribune-Review interviewed Dr. Risa Kumazawa, chair of the Economics and Finance Department in the School of Business, for this story about projections for the region's unemployment rate as a result of COVID-19 shutdowns.

April 27
Dr. David Dausey: Coronavirus - Now What?
The Tribune-Review published this opinion piece written by Provost Dr. David Dausey about how social media is being flooded with opinions from people with health backgrounds claiming to know how society should move forward from COVID-19.

April 25
Opinion: The American Spirit's a Victim of Coronavirus Too
The Atlanta Journal Constitution published this op-ed co-written by Dr. Antony Davies, associate professor of economics, about the death of the American spirit as a result of COVID-19. This op-ed also appeared in Inside Sources.

April 24
The Doctor Will See You Now: COVID-19 Transforms Telehealth
The Buffalo News reported that Duquesne freshman biology student Hannah Rauh helped implement telehealth in a private practice in Buffalo. Rauh suggested the practice use Zoom to connect with patients virtually.

April 23
Is the Government Abusing Power During the COVID-19 Pandemic? 
Law Professor Bruce Ledewitz penned this op-ed for the Pennsylvania Capital-Star about whether the government at various levels has abused its power during the pandemic.

April 22
As Small Businesses Sink, Some Wonder if Latest Relief Package Will be Enough to Save Them
The Post-Gazette interviewed Rich Longo, interim director of the Small Business Development Center (SBDC), about the work the SBDC has been doing to support small businesses during COVID-19 related shutdowns.

Crisis Lessons for Business Education
The Aspen Institute interviewed Dr. Robert Sroufe, professor in the MBA Sustainable Business Practices program, for this story about what business professors have learned during the COVID-19 crisis.

April 20
Can Music Boost Your Immune System?
The Post-Gazette interviewed Dr. Noah Potvin, assistant professor of music therapy, for this story about how listening to classical music can help patients work through anxiety, stress and depression.

Schools Seek Ways to Minimize COVID-19 Learning Loss
The Post-Gazette interviewed School of Education Dean Dr. Cindy Walker for this story about the impact COVID-19 school closures have had on student achievement. Walker explained that the transition to online learning has provided an opportunity to make learning more interesting for students.

Personalities of Pittsburgh: 'People Aren't Made to Self-Isolate,' says Bridget Calhoun
The Pittsburgh Business Times interviewed Dr. Bridget Calhoun, associate professor of physician assistant studies, for this "Personalities of Pittsburgh" feature on her career and work treating HIV/AIDS.

Coronavirus Shutdowns May Be Shortsighted
The Philadelphia Inquirer published this op-ed co-written by Associate Economics Professor Dr. Antony Davies about what continuation of the current economic shutdown could mean for the economy long term.

April 17
Confession by Zoom? Pandemic Revives Conversation About Reconciling from Afar
The National Catholic Reporter interviewed Professor of Theology Dr. George Worgul, Jr. about the prohibition of reconciliation by phone or video chat.

Duquesne University Creates Leave Day Bank for Employees Unable to Work from Home
The Post-Gazette interviewed Chief Human Resources Officer and Assistant Vice President John Greeno and Media and Communications Manager Rose Ravasio for this story about Duquesne's program for employees to donate extra sick and vacation time to employees unable to work from home. According to Ravasio, 71 employees had donated 377 days worth of time to their colleagues as of Friday, April 17.

April 16
'Stay The Course': Gov. Tom Wolf Resists Calls To Reopen Economy, Ease Stay-At-Home Order

KDKA-TV interviewed Dr. Risa Kumazawa, chair of the Department of Economics and Finance, for this story about how reopening Pennsylvania businesses too early could prove detrimental to health and the economy.

Audubon Society of Western PA, Partners Announce Award Of $1.17 Million NRCS Grant To Improve Water Quality In Buffalo Creek
PA Environment Digest Blog quoted Dr. Brady Porter, associate professor of biological sciences, in this story about a partnership between Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania and five organizations, including Duquesne, to protect and improve water quality and habitat in Buffalo Creek.

April 15
COVID-19 Spotlights The Harsh Inequities In Public Education
The Pittsburgh Current interviewed Dr. Cindy Walker, dean of the School of Education, for this story about how remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic is magnifying inequities in education.

How Will Covid-19 Change Business Education?
The Aspen Institute quoted Dr. Robert Sroufe, professor of sustainability, operations and supply chain management in the MBA Sustainable Business Practices program, in this blog post about how COVID-19 will change business education.

Duquesne Streaming 'A Little Friday Night Music' Series Featuring Alumni, Faculty
The Tribune-Review interviewed Steve Groves, the School of Music's director of music engagement, events and marketing, for this story about the school's weekly A Little Friday Night Music series, which will premiere previously recorded concerts featuring Duquesne student and faculty ensembles. This story also appeared in the Reading Eagle.

April 14
7 Bank Stocks to Watch as Earnings Season Heats Up
Investor Place interviewed Dr. Ryan Garvey, the Donahue Chair in Investment Management and professor of finance, about what investors should look for in a bank's earnings report when investing in bank stocks.

April 13
Opinion: Farewell to 'Last Best Hope of Earth'
Houma Today published this op-ed co-written by Associate Economics Professor Dr. Antony Davies about the death of the American spirit as a result of COVID-19. This op-ed also appeared in the Daily Comet and in Informed Sources.

April 8
Who Will We Be After COVID-19? The Answer May Come by Looking Inward
The Pennsylvania Capital-Star published this op-ed written by Law Professor Bruce Ledewitz about spiritual views Americans are taking to try and understand the coronavirus pandemic.

April 7
Program Allows Athletic Trainers to Help in Pandemic
The Observer-Reporter interviewed Assistant Athletic Head Trainer Jessica Johns for this story about a program that allows athletic trainers to help with the production of test kits for COVID-19.

April 6
Tens of Thousands Have Tested Negative for COVID-19 in Pa., Results Could Be False Negatives
WPXI-TV interviewed Associate Professor of Nursing Dr. Alison Colbert for this story about the 28 diagnostic coronavirus tests that have been approved by the FDA. She says the rapid spread of coronavirus has forced medical experts to weigh the cost and benefit of approving tests before they have been fully vetted.

Duquesne Nursing School Dean: Pandemic Underscores Need for Strong Public Health System
The Post-Gazette interviewed School of Nursing Dean Dr. Mary Ellen Glasgow for this story about how the current COVID-19 outbreak compares to the AIDS crisis. Glasgow says that COVID-19 should serve as a wake-up call for anyone questioning the importance of a vibrant health care system.

After Tumultuous Decade, Are Health Care Consumers Here Better Off?
The Post-Gazette interviewed Dr. Andrew Simpson, associate professor of history, for this story about tracking health care costs and coverage in Pittsburgh throughout the past decade.  

April 5
Our Country Can Make Biggest Mistakes in Times of Crisis
The Post-Gazette interviewed President Ken Gormley about how America makes its biggest mistakes during times of crisis. He explains that U.S. policymakers must walk a thin constitutional tightrope between protecting the rights of citizens and protecting the public from the spread of COVID-19.  

Some Colleges, Universities Planning Virtual Ceremonies; Others Delaying Them Until Fall
The Post-Gazette quoted President Ken Gormley's letter to students in this story about how local colleges and universities are rethinking graduation due to COVID-19.  

April 4
Universities Pivot Prospective Student Events and Tours to Online
The Pittsburgh Business Times interviewed Kelley Maloney, assistant vice president for enrollment management, for this story about how local universities are turning to technology-focused strategies to connect with prospective students.  

Nursing Students Trying to Graduate on Time
The Observer-Reporter interviewed School of Nursing Dean Dr. Mary Ellen Glasgow for this story about how local universities are working to continue education for their nursing students taking classes online.

April 3
Their Campuses Largely Empty, Three Pittsburgh Universities Offer Aid in Pandemic Fight
The Post-Gazette interviewed President Ken Gormley for this story about how local universities are offering on-campus housing options for medical professionals in local hospitals battling the spread of COVID-19.  

Canceled Standardized Tests Should Have No Long-Term Ramifications, Locals Say
The Tribune-Review interviewed School of Education Dean Dr. Cindy Walker for this story about whether the cancelation of standardized testing in schools will have long-term ramifications.

April 2
Mary Ellen Smith Glasgow: A Plea for Personal Protective Equipment
The Post-Gazette featured an opinion piece written by School of Nursing Dean Dr. Mary Ellen Glasgow pleading for President Donald Trump to invoke the Defense Production Act to help health care workers obtain necessary supplies.

War-Weary America's Little-Known Deterrent: Its Aging Population
National Interest published this piece by Dr. Mark Haas, Raymond J. Kelley Endowed Chair in International Relations, about a benefit of an aging population: the increased likelihood of international peace.

Dr. Antony Davies of Duquesne University
KDKA-Radio interviewed Dr. Antony Davies, associate professor of economics, about the record-breaking unemployment numbers and what the future holds for the economy.

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