August 2012

Aug. 31
Pa. Voter ID Opponents Appeal to High Court
The Post-Gazette interviewed Law Dean Ken Gormley for this article about a filing with the state Supreme Court seeking to block the new voter ID law.

Aug. 30
Personal Shoppers Help Customers Build Wardrobe
Associate Marketing Professor Dr. Audrey Guskey was interviewed for this Tribune-Review article about the benefits and drawbacks of hiring a personal shopper.

An HIE Structure That Breaks the Mold
Adjunct Business Professor Chris Carmody was interviewed for this Healthcare Info Security article about organizations in Western Pennsylvania that are utilizing a customized approach to health information exchange that will leverage their respective security technologies.

Aug. 29
Social Media Ease Transition for Students at Western Pa. Colleges
Anthony Cappa, assistant director of admissions, was interviewed for this Tribune-Review article about how area universities are using social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter to help incoming freshmen transition to college life.

Aug. 28
Survey Shows Pittsburgh Region’s Universities Exceed $1B in Research
Duquesne University is mentioned in this Tribune-Review article among the area schools that, together, spent more than $1 billion on research last year according to a survey conducted by the Association of University Technology Managers.

Aug. 26
3 Tough Cases Up to Politically Divided Pa. Court
The Centre Daily Times featured this Associate Press article about the state Supreme Court facing possible deadlocks in deciding cases since there are currently six active justices instead of seven. Bruce Ledewitz, professor of law, is quoted. The article also ran in The Reporter and the Pendleton Times-Post.

Bishop Zubik Celebrates Mass at Duquesne University
The Post-Gazette included this video story on Bishop Zubik celebrating the Mass of the Holy Spirit at Duquesne University.

Dateline Pittsburgh: Education
The Post-Gazette announced that Darlene Fozard Weaver has been named director of the new Center for the Catholic Intellectual Tradition.

Aug. 25
Spanier’s Credibility Questioned
The Tribune-Review quoted Law Professor Wes Oliver in this article about former Penn State University President Graham Spanier’s credibility in the Jerry Sandusky child sexual-abuse scandal.

Aug. 23
Law Professor, Morticians Weighing in on Wasserman Lawsuit
Law Professor Bruce Ledewitz was interviewed for this Jewish Chronicle article about the role of the Religious Freedom Protection Act in a local rabbi’s lawsuit against the state to freely perform religious funerals without a funeral director present.

Winning Combination
Duquesne’s Bayer Scholars Program was featured in this Pittsburgh Magazine article about the positive impact of corporations teaming up with local colleges and universities has on creating jobs in the region.

Abroaden Your Horizons
Pittsburgh Magazine included Duquesne’s Italian Campus program among the opportunities featured in this article about study abroad options offered by area universities.

Aug. 22
Colleges’ Goal: No Freshman Will be Disoriented
Duquesne University was featured in this Post-Gazette article about how college orientation programs have expanded and improved over the years.

Aug. 21
Colleges Cap Tuition Hikes to Curb Rising Costs
Paul-James Cukanna, associate provost for enrollment management, and Dr. Olga Welch, dean of education, were interviewed for this Tribune-Review article about local universities offering tuition discounts or freezes to help students with costs.

Aug. 20
Red Wine Could Improve Older People’s Balance According to Survey
Dr. Jane Cavanaugh, assistant professor of pharmacology, was quoted in this Huffington Post UK article about research that she has lead that indicates an ingredient found in red wine may help decrease motor deficiencies in the elderly. Similar articles have also appeared in Innovations Report, Science Daily, the Irish Examiner, the Times of India and MediLexicon among others.

Penalty Phase Begins Today for Man in Death of Disabled Woman
The Post-Gazette interviewed Law Professor Bruce Ledewitz for this article about the penalty phase of a local case in which a mentally disabled woman was held captive for two days before she was killed. A similar article ran in the Associated Press, the Johnstown Tribune-Democrat and the Centre Daily Times.

Aug. 19
Fouled Waters: Woodlands Residents Search for Ways to Survive Without Clean Water
Dr. John Stolz, professor of environmental microbiology and director of the Center for Environmental Research and Education, was interviewed for this Post-Gazette article about the negative impact on the water of local residents allegedly caused by gas drilling.

Aug. 18
Tarentum Group Tries to Keep Up With Feline Population
The Tribune-Review featured Dr. Becky Morrow, assistant professor of biological sciences and a veterinarian, in this article about work she’s doing as president of the Homeless Cat Management Team, a non-profit dedicated to spaying and neutering feral and stray cats.

Extradition Said to be Unlikely for Suspect in Threats Against Pitt
Law Professor Wes Oliver was interviewed for this Post-Gazette article about the likelihood of the extradition of the Dublin, Ireland, resident suspected of emailing a series of false bomb threats to the University of Pittsburgh.

Aug. 17
Prosecutors: Statute of Limitations Doesn’t Apply in Case Against Tim Curley, Gary Schultz
The Centre Daily Times interviewed Law Professor Wes Oliver for this article about state prosecutors arguing a 10-year statute of limitations doesn’t apply in the case of former Penn State administrators Tim Curley and Gary Schultz.

Aug. 16
Voter ID Appeal Likely to Be Heard Quickly By State Supreme Court
The Post-Gazette interviewed Law Dean Ken Gormley for this article about the possibility of an expected appeal to the Pennsylvania voter ID law ending in a deadlock ruling with the state Supreme Court, which currently has only six members.

Aug. 15
Duquesne Students Impressed With New Dorm
The Tribune-Review did this feature article on Des Places Hall, the University’s new residence hall. Rod Dobish, executive director of facilities management, was quoted.

Ex-Penn State Officials’ Perjury Case Renews Sandusky Case Questions
Wes Oliver, professor of law, authored this piece for NBC News about an upcoming hearing at which attorneys for a former Penn State athletic director and vice president will argue to have perjury charges dismissed.

Duquesne University Unveils New ‘Green’ Residence Hall
The Post-Gazette included this video story on the new residence hall. Des Places Hall Resident Director Adam Wasilko and Rod Dobish, executive director of facilities management, were both interviewed.

Pennsylvania’s Voter ID Law Upheld
Law Professor Bruce Ledewitz is quoted in this Morning Call article about the recent ruling to uphold Pennsylvania’s voter identification law.

Duquesne University Opens 400-bed All-suite Green Residence Hall in Uptown
Pop City interviewed Rod Dobish, executive director of facilities management, for this article on Des Places Hall, the new residence hall.

Aug. 14
New ‘Green’ Dorm Opening on Duquesne University Campus
KDKA-TV did this feature story on Des Places Hall, the University’s new residence hall. Resident Director Adam Wasilko was interviewed.

Newsmaker: Jeffrey D. Evanseck
The Tribune-Review included this Newsmaker on Dr. Jeffrey Evanseck in recognition of his being named an American Chemical Society fellow.

Aug. 13
Newsmaker: Darlene Fozard Weaver
The Tribune-Review featured this Newsmaker profile on Darlene Weaver in recognition of her role as the new director of Duquesne’s new Center for Catholic Intellectual Tradition.

Aug. 11
Voting Law Experts Keep Close Eye on Pennsylvania
Law Dean Ken Gormley was interviewed for this Post-Gazette article about the US Department of Justice reviewing the state’s voter ID requirement for discrimination against minorities. The article also ran on

Disability Appeals a $1.4 Billion Business for Lawyers
Adjunct Law Professor Michael Gianantonio was interviewed for this Tribune-Review article about Social Security disability appeals being a lucrative business for lawyers.

Explosion of Disability Payouts Hobbles Program
The Tribune-Review interviewed Dr. Matthew Marlin, chair of economics and quantitative science and professor of economics, for this article about the concern over the Social Security trust fund approaching exhaustion as disability applications continue to increase.

Aug. 10
Liquor Division Pamphlet Takes Sides in Political Debate, Say Critics
Associate Economics Professor Dr. Antony Davies was included in this Idaho Reporter article about pamphlets in Idaho liquor store that include information about arguments justifying the state control of liquor sales and distribution.

Aug. 9
Sports Marketing Might Be Field of Dreams
Steve Greenberg, chair of marketing, sports marketing, supply chain management and entrepreneurship, was quoted in this Post-Gazette column about the new Business of Sports Academy program launched by the business school with the Josh Gibson Foundation and Pittsburgh Public Schools.

Aug. 7
Analysis: In Loughner Case, a Cost-benefit Calculation to the Death Penalty
NBC news interviewed Law Professor Wes Oliver for this story about the guilty plea that is expected from the man accused of a mass shooting in Tucson that wounded Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

For Election Fights, It’s Gavel to Gavel Coverage
The Morning Call quoted Law Professor Bruce Ledewitz in this article about the legal debates in various states over voter eligibility.

Aug. 6
Gas Industry Advertising Shifts Toward Issues
The Johnstown Tribune-Democrat included this Associated Press article about new television ads changing to reflect the growing shift from the steel industry to the gas drilling industry in Pennsylvania. Dr. Audrey Guskey, associate marketing professor, and Dr. Virginia Gerde, associate business ethics professor, were both quoted in the article. The article also ran in the Republic.

Aug. 3
Pennsylvania Universities Change Their Student ID Cards to Satisfy Voter ID Law
Duquesne was mentioned in this Huffington Post article as one of the universities in Pennsylvania that are working to enable students to use their student ID cards as eligible identification for voting in this fall’s election.

Chick-fil-A Boycott Backfire Not Surprising
Associate Marketing Professor Dr. Audrey Guskey was interviewed for this Tribune-Review article about the call to boycott Chick-fil-A over comments made by the organization’s president about favoring traditional marriage over gay marriage.

Aug. 2
Uncertainty on Supreme Court, Federal Probe Could Threaten Voter ID Law
The Pennsylvania Independent interviewed Law Professor Wes Oliver for this article about the legal debate and issues surrounding the Pennsylvania voter ID law. The article also ran in the Pottstown Mercury.

Pennsylvania Universities to Issue Students IDs They Can Use During Election
The Tribune-Review mentioned Duquesne in this article about changes being made by colleges in Pennsylvania to enable students to use their school IDs as eligible identification to vote in the upcoming election.

College Tuition: Institutions Freeze, Reduce Fees as Public Balks at Further Price Hikes
This Huffington Post article about the negative reaction to tuition hikes mentions Duquesne’s School of Education offering a 50 percent tuition discount to incoming freshmen this fall.

Aug. 1
People & Awards
The Pittsburgh Business Times announced that Rod Dobish has been named executive director of facilities management.

Riders, Employers Hold Hope of Transit Deal
Duquesne spokeswoman Karen Ferrick-Roman was quoted in this Tribune-Review article about proposed cuts planned for September by Port Authority of Allegheny County. The article also appeared in Mass Transit magazine.

Time Fades Hope of Transit Cut Deal
Tribune-Review, in an article about proposed historic transit authority bus service cuts planned for Sept. 2, included information about Duquesne’s shuttle service between Uptown and the South Side. The shuttle now serves 500 people.

Colleges Compete to Pick Up Students
Tribune-Review reported that Duquesne University is among the institutions offering transfer information to Mountain State University students, whose accreditation is to be revoked by the Higher Learning Commission.

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