Dec. 29
What can Democrats learn from Trump's 2020 performance?
Law Professor Bruce Ledewitz wrote this opinion piece for the Pennsylvania Capital Star about how President Donald Trump came within 45,000 votes, in three states, of a tie in the Electoral College.  

5 Health Experts Weigh in on How to Handle the 2020 Holiday Season
Assistant Nursing Professor Dr. Mai-Ly Nguyen Steers provided advice in this Scrubs Magazine piece about how to emotionally handle the 2020 holiday season.

Dec. 28
With Pres. Trump's Reversal, Coronavirus Relief Stimulus Checks Now Poised To Go Out
KDKA-TV interviewed Associate Economics Professor Dr. Risa Kumazawa for this story about the latest coronavirus relief bill and what is means for Americans.  

'This School Year Will Forever Have An Asterisk Next To The Date,' Says Area Superintendent
WESA-Radio interviewed Teaching Assistant Professor of Biology Dr. Kasey Christopher for this story about how a fertilized egg becomes a human being.  

The Coming Global Backlash against China
The National Review interviewed Political Science Professor Dr. Mark Haas for this story about why an aging population will continue to slow China's economic growth. This story also appeared on Yahoo! News.

'Encore entrepreneurs' want their second act to be their own business
In this story about "encore entrepreneurs," the Post-Gazette mentioned the Small Business Development Center's AARP-funded program to help people over the age of 50 start their own business.

Dec. 26
Benedict: Understanding COVID-19 restrictions through lessons from the past
The Baltimore Sun published this piece written by James Benedict, scholar in residence with the Center for Global Health Ethics. Benedict's piece explains how response to limited and mandates associated with COVID-19 strongly resemble responses to previous attempts to influence health behavior.

Dec. 22
Beyond the Bench: A conversation with Waganesh Zeleke
Spectrum News published this feature story on Dr. Waganesh Zeleke, associate professor in the School of Education. Her research focuses on how cultural context impacts understanding of mental health and wellness.  

Court Cases This Fall Preview Hotly Contested Races For Judicial Office In 2021
KDKA-TV interviewed Law Professor Bruce Ledewitz for this story about judicial candidates for empty positions on the State Supreme Court, Commonwealth Court, Superior Court and local county courts.  

Pittsburgh Constitutional Scholar Says President Trump Can't Pardon Himself
KDKA-TV interviewed President Ken Gormley about President Donald Trump's use of pardon power to help his supporters convicted of wrongdoing.

Dec. 18
Opinion: If Trump Pardons Himself, Biden Should Un-Parden Him
The Washington Post published this opinion piece by President Ken Gormley about why President Donald Trump's motion to self-pardon himself is not legal.

Dec. 16
What will a post-Trump U.S. Supreme Court look like? It might not be all that bad for liberals
The Pennsylvania Capital-Star published this opinion piece by Law Professor Bruce Ledewitz about how the U.S. Supreme Court will change after Donald Trump's presidency, despite a conservative six-justice majority.

COVID-19 In Pittsburgh: Pharmacy Students Vaccinate UPMC Employees Running Vaccine Clinic
Pharmacy student Joshua Doracio was featured in this story by KDKA-TV about the UPMC staff running the COVID-19 vaccine clinic. Doracio is one of the pharmacy students administering the vaccine.

Academic: Rick Zoucha
Pittsburgh Magazine published this feature story about Professor and Chair of Advanced Role and PhD Program in the School of Nursing Dr. Rick Zoucha. Zoucha is known for his work in transcultural nursing.

Dec. 15
Expert Explains Possible Dangers of 'Buy Now, Pay Later' Plans
Associate Marketing Professor Dr. Audrey Guskey was interviewed by KDKA-TV for this story about "buy now, pay later" services like Afterpay and how using these services can impact consumers financially.  

2020 Vatican nativity display draws comparisons to 'Star Wars' scene
Fox 5 Atlanta quoted Duquesne in Rome Art History Professor Dr. Elizabeth Lev's interview with the National Catholic Reporter for this story on the Vatican's new Nativity scene, which is drawing heavy criticism.

Dec. 12
David Dausey: Keep holiday festivities smaller to prevent covid-19 from getting bigger
The Tribune-Review published this op-ed written by Provost and epidemiologist Dr. David Dausey about why Americans should limit holiday celebrations to members of their households to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Dec. 11
Trump politicized mail-in voting in 2020, but it came to PA with strong Republican support
The New Pittsburgh Courier interviewed Law Professor Joe Mistick about a recent court challenge in Pennsylvania regarding mail-in voting.

Dec. 8
Why Diabetes + COVID-19 Is So Dangerous
Assistant Health Sciences Professor Dr. Brenda Swanson-Biearman was interviewed for this article by Consumer Reports about the severe dangers of contracting COVID-19 for people with diabetes.

Amid Propel Schools Unionization Fight, Organizers Accuse Administration Of Aggressive Tactics
Education Professor Dr. Jason Margolis was interviewed for this article by WESA-Radio about a campaign to unionize educators at Pittsburgh-based Propel Schools, as well as the potential threats of labor unions.

Dec. 6
Experts say given pandemic malaise, flat holiday spending in region is not bad
Associate Marketing Professor Dr. Audrey Guskey was interviewed for this article by the Tribune-Review about her prediction that holiday spending would be flat this year due to the ongoing pandemic.

Dec. 4
College fundraising endures - even in a pandemic
The Post-Gazette reported that Duquesne recently received a $1.5 million gift to create a Center for Student Success within the Palumbo-Donahue School of Business.

Supreme Court sets date for state response in Mike Kelly election suit. Is it a day late?
Law Professor Bruce Ledewitz was interviewed for this article by the Tribune-Review about the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to set a deadline for Pennsylvania officials to respond to a request to throw out the state's mail-in voting results.

Dec. 3
City Council poised to approve Covid-related paid sick leave legislation Tuesday
Associate Law Professor Rona Kaufman was interviewed for this article by the Pittsburgh Business Times about the potential approval of a proposed legislation that would provide workers with up to 112 hours of paid sick leave due to COVID-19.

Dec. 2
Irresponsible leader
Law Professor Bruce Ledewitz wrote this story for the Post-Gazette about President Donald Trump's irresponsible leadership-particularly when it comes to the pandemic-since his loss in the presidential election.  

The Electoral College is dangerously vulnerable to manipulation. It's time to fix it | Bruce Ledewitz
Law Professor Bruce Ledewitz wrote this article for Pennsylvania Capital-Star about the pros and cons of the Electoral College, as well as how it can be fixed.

Report: Racial Imbalances Persist In Allegheny County Criminal Justice System
Law Professor Jalila Jefferson-Bullock was interviewed for this article by WESA-FM about the racial disparities that exist within Allegheny County's criminal justice system.

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