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Feb. 29
A Look Ahead At The Top Healthcare Trends Of 2020
Health Works Collective interviewed Dr. Kimberly Kasper, assistant professor in the online forensic nursing program, about how forensic nursing will improve mental health assessment procedures.

Feb. 27
Cyber Security Experts: Hackers Target Children's SS Numbers
The Tribune-Review interviewed Professor of Computer Science and Coordinator of the Cybersecurity Studies Program Dr. Patrick Juola for this article about hackers stealing children's social security numbers. This story also appeared on National Cyber Security.

Feb. 26
A few thoughts on Ezra Klein's new book. This is the real reason we're polarized | Bruce Ledewitz
The Pennsylvania Capital-Star published an opinion piece written by Law Professor Bruce Ledewitz about Ezra Klein, author of the book Why We're Polarized, and his take on the structure of the government.

Feb. 24
Penn Hills native hunkering down in Italy as coronavirus spreads
The Tribune Review quoted Media Relations Manager Ken Walters about the recent outbreak of the coronavirus in Italy. Walters stated that no one from Duquesne’s Rome campus has been affected. However, the campus is taking precautions by restricting areas where the virus may be and rearranging scheduled trips.

Feb. 22
Gene Therapy: Scholars on Skullduggery, in the Fullness of Time
The Post-Gazette interviewed President Ken Gormley about how legal scholar and special prosecutor in the Watergate investigation Archibald Cox would have viewed the current state of the Department of Justice.

Feb. 19
Pope Francis has wrong ideas on economic reform | Opinion
The Philadelphia Inquirer published an op-ed piece co-written by Associate Professor of Economics Dr. Antony Davis about Pope Francis’ attempt to decrease poverty rates using economic relief.

Feb. 18
On A Pedestal: Moe Coleman Awards, Kiski School, Women In Leadership
Pittsburgh Quarterly published an opinion piece thatmentioned law professor Joseph Sabino Mistick. In the article it says that Mistick partnered with Former Allegheny County Executive Jim Roddey to lower the tuition price of the Kiski School.

Feb. 17
Workforce Strategy Born in 1970s Labor Strife Sticks with Message of ‘Love, Dignity and Respect”
The Post-Gazette interviewed Professor of Business Ethics Dr. David Wasieleski for this article about Value of the Person, an employee relations philosophy that promotes love, dignity and respect for all workers.

The Framers’ View on Impeachment
The Jurist published a story written by Law Professor Wilson Huhn about how the Founding Fathers created the impeachment process.

Feb. 14
How to Prevent Getting Sick While Traveling Abroad
Travel and Leisure interviewed Clinical Pharmacist in the Center for Pharmacy Care Dr. Elizabeth Bunk for this article on tips to prevent getting infections when traveling abroad.

Wideman Brothers Join Judge Manning, Others for Criminal Justice Forum
The Post-Gazette published this story about a criminal justice forum at Duquesne that featured Robert “Faruq” Wideman and John Edgar Wideman speaking together for the first time about Robert’s commutation following his second-degree murder conviction.

Local Woman Working to Make Pittsburgh More Livable for Everyone
KDKA-TV interviewed Adjunct Professor of Law Tracey McCants Lewis about her efforts to make Pittsburgh a more livable place for black women.

Feb. 13
Filing Tax Returns in February Could Mean Larger Refund
KDKA-TV interviewed Associate Professor of Accounting Dr. Bryan Menk for this story about filing taxes early to get the best returns.

No, Donald Trump wasn’t convicted and removed from office. But here’s why impeachment worked | Bruce Ledewitz
The Pennsylvania Capital-Star ran a piece written by Law Professor Bruce Ledewitz. He commented on how in his opinion, he knew the President Trump would not be removed from office, but emphasized that the impeachment process was necessary to protect the Constitution.

Feb. 12
What Will It Take for In-Home Delivery Service to Grow?
NPR Marketplace interviewed Associate Professor of Marketing Dr. Audrey Guskey for this segment on in-home delivery services, which are being implemented by companies such as Walmart and Amazon.

KDKA Investigates: Does Judge Mark Tranquilli’s Record Reflect Racial Bias?
KDKA-TV interviewed Law Professor Bruce Ledewitz about Judge Mark Tranquilli’s alleged racist comments, which he says appear to violate a section of the code of judicial conduct.

Feb. 11
An Allegheny County Judge Called a Black Juror ‘Aunt Jemima.’ What Recourse Does the Public Really Have?
The Pennsylvania Capital-Star interviewed Law Professor Bruce Ledewitz about judicial retention elections in reference to recent questionable conduct by Allegheny County Judge Mark Tranquilli. He noted that retention elections do not usually hold judges accountable.

Why The Leader Of A PA Gun Rights Group Opposes 2A Sanctuary Ordinances
WESA-Radio interviewed Law Professor Bruce Ledewitz about new laws to control gun rights. These ordinances are supposed to enforce a wide range of gun restrictions, but Ledewitz says that they are merely publicity stunts.

Feb. 8
Who Cares About the Federal Budget? We All Should
The Post-Journal published this opinion piece by Associate Professor of Economics Dr. Antony Davies about the biased economic forecasts of the Congressional Budget Office. This story also appeared in the Las Vegas Sun, the Austin American-Stateman, and the Post and Courier.

Dire Warnings About the Deficit. Is Anyone Listening?
The Oklahoman quoted Associate Professor of Economics Dr. Antony Davies in this article about the Congressional Budget Office’s recent projections.

Editorial: Religion, Speech Free of Fear
The Tribune-Review quoted Law Professor Bruce Ledewitz for this article on religious speech in schools.

Feb. 7
The Racist Coup in the South’s Most Liberal City
The Post-Gazette published this review of David Zucchino’s book Wilmington’s Lie: The Murderous Coup of 1898 and the Rise of White Supremacy written by Professor of English Dr. Greg Barnhisel.

Feb. 6
Health Literacy Among Bhutanese Adult Refugees in the United States: The Sociocultural Approach
Adult Education Quarterly published this study co-written by Assistant Professor of Education Dr. Xia Chao.

Feb. 5
Peristomal Ostomy Complications
MD Magazine released an article written by Dr. Yvonne Weideman, a nursing professor at Duquesne. The story discussed issues with the procedure known as peristomal ostomy. Weideman discussed patient problems, as well as way to prevent risks and complications post-surgery.

Republicans take victory lap after Trump's impeachment acquittal
The Post-Gazette quoted President Ken Gormley on the impeachment acquittal of President Donald Trump. He said that representatives who protected Trump also needed to acknowledge that his conduct was not appropriate.

Teacher Turnover High at Some Allegheny County Schools
WTAE-TV interviewed Associate Professor of Instruction and Leadership in Education Dr. Karen Levitt for this story on the high turnover rate of teachers in charter schools and how that can impact student performance.

Feb. 4
Straight Talk on Bees, Silk Worms and Human Survival
The Post-Gazette interviewed Professor of Biological Sciences Dr. David Lampe for this article about Duquesne’s Darwin Day celebration, which will feature a keynote address from biologist May Berenbaum titled, Unnatural Selection: How Humans Affect Insect Evolution Without Even Realizing It.

Commentary: The reality of student loan forgiveness
The Telegraph featured an op-ed co-written by Associate Professor of Economics Dr. Antony Davies about how politicians are talking about “forgiving student debt.” Although this may seem like a great idea to current students, in reality, people who did not choose to go to college would be paying for others to do so.

Feb. 3
Small vape shops scramble for survival as government, Big Tobacco put up ‘one hurdle after another’
The Tribune Review quoted Dr. Antony Davies, associate economics professor, on government-enforced taxes and regulations on vape products. The goal of these new restrictions is to decrease the amount of people who use vape products.

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