News coverage highlighting Duquesne’s experts and initiatives.

Jan. 31
The Pittsburgh Foundation Announces $5.9M in 4Q Grants
The Pittsburgh Business Times reported that William Generett, Jr., vice president for community engagement, was recently named to The Pittsburgh Foundation’s board.

Jan. 29
There Was No Transatlantic Alliance of Critical Historians
L.I.S.A. Wissenschaftsportal of the Gerda Henkel Foundation interviewed Dr. Phillipp Stelzel, assistant professor of history, for this story about his recent book History After Hitler, which examines historians study of German history since 1945.

Jan. 27
A $15 Minimum Wage Hurts Workers
Associate Economics Professor Dr. Antony Davies co-wrote this Philadelphia Inquirer op-ed about the effect that increasing the minimum wage will have on the number of available jobs.

Jan. 25
Stung by an FBI Agent’s Death, the Pittsburgh Cop Who Tried to Save Him Now Aids Traumatized Officers
The Post-Gazette published this story about Pittsburgh police detective Carla Kearns who, after witnessing an FBI agent’s traumatic death, now helps other police officers who have experienced trauma on the job. Kearns presented during a recent Wecht Institute Forensic Fridays seminar.

Jan. 24
A Closer Look at the Legal Arguments for and Against Pittsburgh’s Gun Control Proposals
The Incline interviewed Law Professor Bruce Ledewitz for this story about the legality of a proposal by Pittsburgh lawmakers to ban semi-automatic firearms.

Jan. 23
Will Law Firms Raise the Starting Salary Bar to $200,000?
The Pittsburgh Business Times cited the School of Law’s increase in employment rates among recent graduates for this story about starting salary growth for new lawyers.

The 50 Fastest Accelerated MBA Degree Programs
MBA Central ranked the Palumbo-Donahue School of Business No. 27 on its list of the 50 Fastest Accelerated MBA Degree Programs.

Jan. 22
Duquesne University Helping Kids Who Live in High-Risk Areas for Asthma
WPXI-TV interviewed School of Pharmacy researcher and Associate Professor Dr. Jennifer Elliott for this story about asthma screenings she and her students are conducting with school children in high-risk areas in the Pittsburgh region.

Jan. 20
Finding Common Cause with Nixon in the New Age
Syndicated columnist David Shribman - former executive editor of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - quotes President Ken Gormley in discussing the legacy of President Richard M. Nixon in the modern era. 

Fifty Years Ago Today, Richard Nixon Took Office, and for Him It Was a Time of Hope, Civility and Optimism
The Los Angeles Times quotes President Gormley in this story about Richard Nixon taking office fifty years ago and it being a time of hope, civility and optimism for him.

Have Washington’s Displays of Defiance Become Public Evidence of Deviance?
The Globe and Mail interviewed Dr. Kristen Coopie, teaching assistant professor in political science, for this opinion piece about concerns regarding America’s position in the world, public trust in government and democracy.

At MLK Day Celebration, Students Worry Whether Racial Equality Will Be Achieved
The Post-Gazette interviewed Dr. Mary McKinney, director of the Small Business Development Center, for this story about a Martin Luther King Jr. day event hosted by St. Paul Cathedral’s Race and Reconciliation Dialogue Group.

Jan. 19
Trump Trying to Write a Second Act for Sedition
Associate Economics Professor Dr. Antony Davies co-wrote this op-ed for the Las Vegas Sun about President Donald Trump’s tweets suggesting the government should involve itself in comments people make on television.

Jan. 18
How Local Universities Stack Up When It Comes to Tech Research Funding
The Pittsburgh Business Times interviewed Dr. Alan Seadler, associate provost for research, for this story about local universities’ total research expenditures.

Storm Shopping: Blame It on Meteorologists, Tradition and Need to Control the ‘Uncontrollable’
The Tribune-Review interviewed Dr. Kelly Moore, assistant professor of marketing, for this story about the practice of “panic buying” before snowstorms.

Don’t Forget to Assess the Family Caregiver of Your Older Adult Patient
MD Magazine included this column written by Dr. Pamela C. Spigelmyer, assistant professor of nursing, in which she explains reasons health care providers should assess the family/friend caregivers of elderly patients during their appointments.

Francis Fukuyama’s Master Concept
Associate Philosophy Professor Dr. Patrick Lee Miller wrote this review of Francis Fukuyama’s new book Identity: The Demand for Dignity and the Politics of Resentment for Quillette.

Jan. 16
Students Report Problems Breathing After US Steel Fire
State Impact Pennsylvania, an affiliate of WESA-Radio, interviewed Dr. Deb Gentile, an asthma researcher in the School of Pharmacy, for this story about an increasing number of children in Clairton reporting problems with their breathing after a fire damaged pollution controls at a nearby US Steel plant.

Stolen Bodies, Warped Minds—Wild Cards IX: ‘Jokertown Shuffle’
Dr. Katie Rask, assistant classics professor, wrote this piece for TOR.com about the Wild Card book series’ Jokertown Shuffle.

Jan. 15
It’s Time for a Kidney Market
Inside Sources published this op-ed co-written by Associate Economics Professor Dr. Antony Davies about a law restricting the sale of organs and ways the United States could benefit from allowing kidney sales.

Jan. 7
How To Avoid Hidden Costs, Other Cloud ‘Gotchas’
TechBeacon interviewed Tom Dugas, director of information security and new initiatives, for this story about the need to be vigilant when migrating data to a hybrid cloud environment.

Jan. 15
Study: Childhood Asthma Worsened by Emissions Near Mon Valley’s Clairton Coke Works
The Pittsburgh City Paper reported that a recent study co-conducted by Dr. Jennifer Elliott, associate professor of pharmacy practice, indicates that children exposed to high levels of air pollution had nearly double the risk of asthma diagnoses.

The Ocasio-Cortez Plan to Pay for Progressive Programs? Print (A Lot) More Money
InsideSources interviewed Associate Economics Professor Dr. Antony Davies for this story about New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her support of the Modern Monetary Theory economic approach.

Changing the Script
AJP.com.au reported that researchers at Duquesne and UPMC Mercy Hospital conducted a study to look at the role pharmacists can play in impacting prescribing habits for patients discharged from hospital emergency departments.

Jan. 14
Dr. Andrew Simpson on ‘KD/PG Sunday Business Page’
Assistant History Professor Dr. Andrew Simpson was interviewed on KDKA-TV’s KD/PG Sunday Business Page about the effects of the government shutdown.

Dr. Andrew Simpson on ‘WTAE-TV’
WTAE-TV interviewed Dr. Andrew Simpson, assistant professor of history, for a story about medical tourism related to UPMC’s new specialty hospitals.

Jan. 11
Here Are the Local Colleges That Produce the Highest Earners
The Pittsburgh Business Times reported that Duquesne graduates have the second-highest average earnings among regional colleges 10 years after attending school.

Jan. 10
Here’s What You Need to Know about Wild Cards Before It Comes to TV
Dr. Katie Rask, assistant classics professor, wrote this piece for TOR.com about Hulu’s plan to turn the Wild Cards book series into a show.

Jan. 8
Some of America’s Poorest College Kids Are in Financial Aid Limbo, Thanks to Disruptions at the IRS
The Washington Post interviewed John Falleroni, senior associate director of financial aid, for this story about Internal Revenue Service disruptions that are hindering college students from receiving government loans and grants.

‘Clean Slate’ Offers A Fresh Start For Low-Level, Non-Violent Offenders
WESA-Radio interviewed Tracey McCants Lewis, adjunct professor of clinical legal education in the School of Law, for this story about the new “Clean Slate” law in Pennsylvania, which seals low-level, non-violent conviction information following a 10-year period.

Jan. 7
Local Novelist Debuts with Coming-Of-Age Story, ‘The Martin Chronicles’
WESA-Radio interviewed John Fried, associate English professor, for this story about his debut novel The Martin Chronicles.

Jan. 4
After Injury, Healing the Brain
The Reading Eagle interviewed Dr. Sarah Wallace, associate professor of speech-language pathology, for this story about methods speech-language pathologists use to treat language impairment that sometimes accompanies brain injuries.

Migliuolo Takes Director Role at Duquesne University
The Pittsburgh Business-Times interviewed Michele Migliuolo, director of the Center for Excellence in Entrepreneurship in the Palumbo-Donahue School of Business, for this story about his new role at Duquesne.

Mass Graves of World War II in Lithuania Discovered
Deutschlandfunk interviewed Dr. Philip Reeder, dean and professor in the Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences, for this story about searches geologists are conducting to locate Holocaust mass graves in Lithuania.

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