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Jan. 31
Opinion: Forgive Student Loans? Hold On
Associate Professor of Economics Dr. Antony Davies co-wrote this opinion piece for Inside Sources about the problems with politicians’ plans to forgive student loan debt.

Jan. 29
A few Thoughts on MLK’s Neglected Politics
The Pennsylvania Capital-Star published an op-ed written by Bruce Ledewitz, law professor at Duquesne. Ledewitz discussed how applicable Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s work is for today’s politics. According to Ledewitz, MLK’s teachings favored freedom for all people and today’s political scene would benefit from the same lessons.

Around the Table: Iowa Caucuses are One Week Away
Law School Executive in Residence Tom Corbett and Associate Professor of Law Joseph Mistick appeared as analysts on KDKA-TV’s Around the Table discussing the upcoming Iowa caucus.

Jan. 27
Why The Leader Of A PA Gun Rights Group Opposes 2A Sanctuary Ordinances
Levittown Now interviewed Law Professor Bruce Ledewitz about stricter gun regulations and the pushback associated with them. After the Tree of Life shooting, Pittsburgh approved new gun restrictions, which Firearms Owners Against Crime challenged. New ordinances have since been proposed.

Jan. 26
Duquesne’s Gormley on Impeachment Trial: ‘Just Clear Partisanship’
The Post-Gazette interviewed President Ken Gormley about the Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, which he says is “just clear partisanship” and has the potential to permanently damage the institutions of government.

Jan. 24
Online Shoppers Embrace Subscription Services
The Tribune-Review interviewed Associate Professor of Marketing Dr. Audrey Guskey for this article on the appeal of subscription-based shopping services such as Stitch Fix.

Familiar High-Rise Dorm at Duquesne to Change Hands, Upgrade to Suites
The Post-Gazette reported that Duquesne is transferring ownership of St. Martin Hall to Radnor Property Group and Harrison Street to allow for updates and renovations. A statement by President Ken Gormley about this agreement was included in this article. A similar story appeared in the Pittsburgh Business Times.

Jan. 22
Freshman Democrat Sen. Katie Muth on the ‘Transaction Morality’ of Harrisburg
WESA-Radio mentioned that Law Professor Jalila Jefferson-Bullock was a guest on The Confluence to discuss the impeachment trial.

Duquesne President, Legal Scholar Dissects Start of Trump Impeachment Trial
The Tribune-Review interviewed President Ken Gormley following the opening sessions of President Donald Trump’s Impeachment Trial. Gormley, who is an impeachment scholar, was in attendance.

Apple should stand firm on protecting privacy over U.S. government demands
The Philadelphia Inquirer released an op-ed piece written by Associate Economics Professor Dr. Antony Davies about the Apple Corporation’s decision to prevent the federal government from unlocking a murder suspect’s iPhone.

After Hours of Debate, Senate GOP Approves Impeachment Trial Rules, Rejecting Witnesses
The Post-Gazette interviewed President Ken Gormley for this article reporting the results of the Senate vote on impeachment trial rules. President Gormley suggested that that Democrats may have been more successful had they not submitted such expansive requests for documents.

Jan. 21
As Trump Impeachment Trial Opens, Senators Brace for Fight Over Witnesses
The Post-Gazette interviewed President Ken Gormley following his attendance at President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial.

America’s Radioactive Secret
Rolling Stone quoted Dr. John Stolz, director of the Center for Environmental Research and Education, about the radioactive waste truck drivers are being exposed to during transport of brine. This story also appeared in Newstimes.

Jan. 20
Death Penalty for Synagogue Shooter Sparks Debate
The Jewish Exponent interviewed Law Professor Bruce Ledewitz about his opinion on the use of the death penalty in the case against the alleged murderer at Tree of Life synagogue in October 2018.

Jan. 17
Ken Starr Returns to the Impeachment Fray, This Time for the Defense
The New York Times interviewed President Ken Gormley for this story about the addition of Ken Starr to President Trump's legal team.

Jan. 16
A Surprising Solution to the Impeachment Morass
President Ken Gormley wrote this opinion piece for Politico about an alternative to the impeachment trial: passing election-interference legislation.

Impeachment and a Path to Redemption for Trump
Yahoo News published this opinion piece by President Ken Gormley comparing Clinton and Nixon’s responses to impeachment and how President Trump might benefit from following Clinton’s example.

The U.S. is Still in Iraq. Are We Liberators? Or Are We Occupiers? The Answer Matters
The Pennsylvania Capital-Star published this opinion piece written by Professor of Law Bruce Ledewitz on the presence of U.S. troops in Iraq following the attack on Iranian General Qasem Soleimani on Iraqi soil.

Making Sense of the Self
ScienceDaily mentioned Assistant Professor of Statistics Dr. Lauren Sugden as one of the authors of a study on how the brain assesses and predicts physiological states of the body.

Jan. 15
Duquesne Names Finalists for ‘New Venture Challenge’
The Pittsburgh Business Times reported that Duquesne announced the five finalists for the “New Venture Challenge,” an entrepreneurial competition hosted by the School of Business.

Jan. 14
COMMENTARY: Do like Socrates and bag the preaching, Hollywood
The Free Lance-Star published this op-ed co-written by Dr. Antony Davies, associate professor of economics, about Golden Globes host Ricky Gervais’s controversial opening monologue.

Jan. 13
Local Experts Say Veterans Need Services Beyond The VA To Deal With Suicide
KDKA-TV interviewed Dr. Roger Brooke, director of military psychological services, about why he supports the Department of Veteran Affairs but believes veterans should be offered alternatives and supplemental services to improve their mental health.

With No Clear Front-Runner, There May Be More Candidates To Choose From Come Pa.’s Presidential Primary
KDKA-TV interviewed Assistant Professor of History Dr. Andrew Simpson about why Pennsylvania is an important state in the presidential primaries. He emphasized that there are a large number of Democratic candidates and that Pennsylvanians’ votes will matter.

Jan. 12
Gun Rights Activists Pushing for Second Amendment ‘Sanctuaries’ Across PA
The Daily Item quoted Law Professor Bruce Ledewitz in this article on Second Amendment Sanctuary ordinances. This story was also published in the Sharon Herald and the Meadville Tribune.

Jan. 9
'I Had A Lot Of Good Years': Outgoing Councilor Darlene Harris Looks Back
WESA-Radio interviewed Associate Professor of Law Joseph Sabino Mistick for this segment on outgoing Pittsburgh City Council member Darlene Harris.

The Testimony That Could Seal Harvey Weinstein’s Conviction
The Huffington-Post quoted Law Professor Wesley Oliver about Harvey Weinstein’s trial. He mentioned that it is important to consider any prejudices the jury may have when it comes to dealing with the Weinstein trial.

Jan. 8
State Backs #ProtectYourBrain Campaign and Other Campus Anti-opioid Efforts
The Post-Gazette reported that Duquesne, among other universities, will receive funding from the state to be used to improve programs and provide information to students about the dangers of opioids. This story also appeared on Fox 43 and in the Tribune Review.

Jan. 6
#LetsMakeASEEN: ARYSE Stands Up for Young Immigrants and Refugees
The Post-Gazette published this story about ARYSE: Alliance for Refugee Youth Support and Education, a community organization in Pittsburgh that helps refugee students find community. The story mentions that Duquesne is a partner with ARYSE, hosting a summer camp experience and sending student volunteers to Crafton Heights for after-school support.

Jan. 5
Should the U.S. Ban Fracking?
CNBC interviewed Dr. John Stolz, director of the Center for Environmental Research and Education, for this story about the how the U.S. is predicted to be a net energy exporter thanks to a combination of hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling. Stolz’s research focuses on how fracking can negatively impact local communities’ water supplies.

Jan. 3
This is the Notre Dame Speech that Bill Barr Should Have Given—and Didn’t
The Pennsylvania Capital-Star published this op-ed written by Law Professor Bruce Ledewitz in response to U.S. Attorney General William Barr’s speech in October where he launched a widely discussed defense of religious liberty.

Wahoos from Day One
The Post-Gazette published this review of Alan Taylor’s Thomas Jefferson’s Education written by English Professor Dr. Greg Barnhisel.

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