July 31
Pittsburgh Universities Set Aside Space in Residence Halls for Students to Quarantine
The Pittsburgh Business Times quoted Media Relations Specialist Emily Stock in this story about how local universities are planning to isolate resident students who test positive for COVID-19.  

Union Probes Port Authority Dress Policy, Barring Political Statements on Masks
The Tribune-Review interviewed Law Professor Bruce Ledewitz for this story about the Port Authority's decision to prohibit its drivers from wearing masks containing political or social justice messages.

July 31
The New Normal Brings A New Phenomenon: 'Zoom Fatigue'
DKA-TV interviewed Professor of Communication Dr. Janie Fritz for this story about the phenomenon of Zoom fatigue and how people working from home can combat it.

July 30
In Updated Dress Code Policy, Port Authority Forbids Social Justice and Political Statements on Face Masks
Associate Law Professor Rona Kaufman was interviewed by the Post-Gazette regarding the legality of the Port Authority's update to dress code standards to prohibit employees from wearing clothing items "of a political or social justice nature."  

Most Local Universities Push Forward with "Hybrid" Return to Campus Plans 
The Pittsburgh Business Times quoted Media Relations Specialist Emily Stock in this story about local universities' commitment to starting the school year with "hybrid" models that incorporate both in-person and online learning.

July 29
In Harrisburg and D.C., the GOP Meddling with Our Courts is a Threat to Democracy
The Pennsylvania Capital-Star published this op-ed written by Law Professor Bruce Ledewitz about two initiatives by Republicans in both Harrisburg and Washington, D.C. that threaten to politicize the judiciary.

July 27
Jobless Could Wait Months for Stimulus if $600 Aid is Altered, Says Pa. Official
The Tribune-Review interviewed Dr. Risa Kumazawa, chair of the Department of Economics and Finance, for this story about Congress' potential change to its $600-a-week unemployment compensation system and how that change could negatively impact the unemployed.

July 26
Duquesne University Music Professor Looking For Keyboards To Keep Incoming Students Equipped
KDKA-TV interviewed Dr. Mary Lynne Bennett, adjunct professor of piano, for this story about her efforts to ensure her piano students have access to pianos and keyboards for their online learning this fall.      

July 25
Artist Wants To Restore Destroyed Mural Honoring Wilkinsburg Residents
WESA-Radio interviewed Aman Gebru, assistant professor of law, about the Visual Artists Rights Act of 1990. An artist who created a mural in Wilkinsburg is claiming Norfolk Southern has violated the federal law for not notifying him of the mural's destruction before they began construction work to the overpass on which it was painted.

July 23
Duquesne University Appoints Director for its Small Business Development Center
The Pittsburgh Business Times reported that Rich Longo has been named director of Duquesne's Small Business Development Center.

July 20
Duquesne New Venture Challenge Providing $100,000+ in Prizes
The Pittsburgh Business Times published this story about the 2020-2021 Duquesne New Venture Challenge, which will award more than $100,000 in cash and service prizes to local entrepreneurs.

July 17
Wolf Asserts Emergency Powers to Justify Withholding Federal Money from Lebanon County
The PA Post interviewed Law Professor Bruce Ledewitz for this story in response to Gov. Tom Wolf's announcement that he would withhold CARES Act funding from Lebanon County because its commissioners passed a resolution in May to move the county from "Red" to "Yellow" without Wolf's consent. This story also appeared on WHYY-Radio.

July 15
If We're Serious About Protecting Religious Liberty, We Need Universal Healthcare
The Pennsylvania Capital-Star published this op-ed written by Law Professor Bruce Ledewitz about why the availability of medical care should be separated from employment.  

'You Are The Product': Duquesne University Cyber Security Professor Explains The Discussion Around TikTok
KDKA-TV interviewed Computer Science Professor Dr. Patrick Juola about why apps like TikTok are a threat to users' personal data. This story also appeared in National Cyber Security News.

Massive Inflation May be Coming, Because the US Government Has Cornered Itself Into a Fiscal End Game
The Stream published this piece co-written by Associate Economics Professor Dr. Antony Davies about the long-term effects of the Federal Reserve's deficit spending.

July 14
Get Students With Disabilities on Board With New Safety Rules
District Administration interviewed Dr. Jessica Dirsmith, clinical assistant professor in the Department of Counseling, Psychology and Special Education, for this story about how educators should prepare to communicate new COVID-19 related classroom rules to students with disabilities.

July 12
Climate Watch: How Would Pennsylvanians Benefit from the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act?
The Centre Daily Times cited a report by students in Duquesne's MBA Sustainable Business Practices program that claims that Pennsylvanians would benefit from the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act.

What's in a Name? If You're Accused of a Crime, It Might Depend Where You Live
The London Free Press published this story about an upcoming book co-authored by Professor of Journalism Dr. Maggie Patterson about the contentious issue of whether or not a person accused of a crime is named in news stories.

July 11
COVID-19 Waivers Popping Up From Pittsburgh Gyms to Hair Salons
Associate Law Professor Rona Kaufman was interviewed by the Post-Gazette about COVID-19 waivers local businesses are asking patrons to sign to waive their right to sue if they believe they contracted COVID-19 there.

July 10
Smith Glasgow's Viewpoint: How Will Nursing Education Change?
The Pittsburgh Business Times published this op-ed written by School of Nursing Dean Dr. Mary Ellen Smith Glasgow about how nursing education will change as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Joe Mistick on the Faithless Electors Case
CourtTV interviewed Law Professor Joe Mistick for this story about the SCOTUS decision regarding the faithless elector laws-state laws that penalize or remove a presidential elector who does not vote for the candidate he or she has pledged to support.

Deadline Looms For 10 Million Taxpayers Who Haven't Filed Their 2019 Tax Returns
KDKA-TV interviewed Associate Accounting Professor Dr. Bryan Menk for this story about the July 15 deadline to file federal taxes.

July 9
As The Pandemic Continues, Advocates Say An Extended Ban On Evictions Is Needed
WESA-Radio interviewed Dr. Tammy Hughes, professor of counseling, psychology and special education, about how the elimination of organized summer learning programs due to COVID-19 could be detrimental to students already lacking resources.  

We Took a Plane, Train and (Rental) Automobile for the Experience, Not the Journey
The Washington Post interviewed Provost and epidemiologist Dr. David Dausey about tips for safer traveling during a pandemic.

Is Social Media Making the Political Divide Even Worse?
Forbes interviewed Dr. Mai-Ly Steers, assistant professor of nursing, for this story about the Parler social media platform, designed for conservative users to share views outside of mainstream social media platforms. Steers says that conservatives flocking to Parler could only further worsen the political divide because there is no room for dissenting opinions.

July 8
What is 'Herd Immunity,' and How Does it Apply to COVID-19?
WPXI-TV interviewed Provost and epidemiologist Dr. David Dausey for this story about how herd immunity works and how it may help in combatting COVID-19.  

Where Two or More Are Gathered, the First Amendment Should Protect Them
Christianity Today reviewed a book written by Assistant Professor of Political Science Dr. Luke Sheahan titled Why Associations Matter: The Case for First Amendment Pluralism. The book makes the case for the importance of voluntary associations in the United States' political landscape.

July 7
A Global Pandemic: Lessons for Black-Ness
The Guardian published this op-ed written by the Rev. John Odeyemi, adjunct professor of theology, about how the coronavirus pandemic has shown systemic racism in a new light.  

Pro 2nd Amendment Lawmakers Want to Let You Carry a Gun During an Emergency
The Pennsylvania Capital-Star interviewed Law Professor Bruce Ledewitz for this story about a proposal to the Pennsylvania State House of Representatives to repeal restrictions on gun sales and open carry from state emergency declaration law.    

July 6
Defund the Police: What Does it Mean and Can it Work?
The Northside Chronicle interviewed Dr. Norman Conti, associate professor of sociology, for this story about calls for police reform. Conti has been leading the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program since 2007, which allows Duquesne students to take classes alongside prisoners in the Allegheny County Jail.

July 3
This Fourth of July, America Needs to Remember its Founding Principles
The Philadelphia Inquirer published this op-ed co-written by Associate Economics Professor Dr. Antony Davies about the Declaration of Independence and the founding principles of America.

July 2
5 Emerging Careers in Nursing
Vault interviewed Dr. Brenda Swanson-Biearman, assistant professor of physician assistant studies, for this story about growing careers in nursing for students to consider.

July 1
Are We Witnessing the Death of Reason and Truth in American Public Life?
Law Professor Bruce Ledewitz penned this piece for the Pennsylvania Capital Star about the rejection of reason and truth in American public life by both the Left and Right. His op-ed was inspired by recent events including the resignation of New York Times Opinion Editor James Bennet and U.S. Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch's majority opinion in a recent case banning LGBTQ workplace discrimination.

Pa. Supreme Court Sides with Governor in Dispute Over Emergency Powers
The PA Post interviewed Law Professor Bruce Ledewitz for this story about the Pennsylvania Supreme Court siding with Gov. Tom Wolf in a dispute with the state legislature over the extent of Wolf's emergency powers. This story also appeared in Levittown Now.

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