Nov. 29
In Pre-Digital Times, Printed Books Were the E-books of that Era
The Post-Gazette ran a book review written by English Professor Dr. Greg Barnhisel of What We Talk About When We Talk About Books: The History and Future of Reading. The book focuses on the ongoing paper book vs e-book debate.

Dr. Audrey Guskey on Small Business Saturday
KDKA-TV interviewed Dr. Audrey Guskey, associate professor of marketing, about Small Business Saturday.

Nov. 27
Gas Credit Cards
Wallet Hub interviewed Dr. Audrey Guskey, associate professor of marketing, about the advantages of using gas credit cards compared to general credit cards.

French Playwright Moliere Did Indeed Write His Own Masterpieces, Computer Science Suggests
Science Magazine interviewed Computer Science Professor Dr. Patrick Juola about his recent study that confirmed French playwright Molière wrote the plays attributed to him. Juola, a forensic linguist, developed an authorship attribution software to identify anonymous writers. The story also appeared in LLODO Technology and Education.

Dr. Audrey Guskey on Why Black Friday Has Lost Its Luster
WMBS-Radio interviewed Dr. Audrey Guskey, associate professor of marketing, about why Black Friday has lost its luster.

Nov. 25
Politics Have Made ‘Socialism’ and ‘Capitalism’ Meaningless Terms
Dr. Antony Davies, associate economics professor, co-wrote this op-ed for the Philadelphia Inquirer about the misuse of the terms socialism and capitalism and how Americans perceive these economic systems.

Nov. 23
Andrew Johnson, Nixon, Clinton, Trump: Duquesne’s Ken Gormley Weighs in On Presidential Impeachments
The Tribune-Review interviewed President Ken Gormley about past Presidential impeachment inquiries and how the proceedings have polarized the U.S.

Nov. 22
Best Rewards Credit Cards
Finder interviewed Dr. Audrey Guskey, associate professor of marketing, for this story about the best way to use credit card rewards.

Nov. 20
Nanomedicine in Organ Transplantation and Regenerative Surgery—Advances, Applications, and Future Directions—An Interview
RegMedNet interviewed Associate Professor of Pharmacy Dr. Jelena Janjic about the recently published Special Focus Issue of the journal Nanomedicine, for which she was a guest editor.

Impeachment Isn’t the Law—But It Is Judgment
The Pennsylvania Capital-Star published this commentary by Law Professor Bruce Ledewitz on the impeachment process and the unchecked powers of Congress.

Duquesne Names Founding Dean for its New Osteopathic Medical School
The Post-Gazette reported the dean of Duquesne’s new College of Osteopathic Medicine will be Dr. John M. Kauffman, Jr.

Duquesne University Names Leader of Planned Medical School
The Tribune-Review reported that Dr. John Kauffman was selected as the dean of Duquesne’s new College of Osteopathic Medicine. Dr. Kauffman and President Ken Gormley were quoted in this article.

Duquesne University Names Founding Dean for its New Medical School
The Pittsburgh Business Times reported that Dr. John M. Kauffman was named the founding dean of Duquesne’s new College of Osteopathic Medicine. President Ken Gormley and Dr. Kauffman were quoted for this story.

Nursing Education Matters
The Post-Gazette featured an article written by School of Nursing Dean and Professor Dr. Mary Ellen Glasgow about the importance of nurses earning their Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and the shortage of these nurses in hospitals and medical facilities.

Nov. 19
How Raising the Minimum Wage Could Help (or hurt) Pennsylvanians
Fox 43 News quoted Associate Economics Professor Dr. Antony Davies about his stance on raising the minimum wage and its effect on the labor market.

An Uncommon Life in an Ordinary Place
Pittsburgh Quarterly published this review of Associate Professor of English John Fried’s novel The Martin Chronicles.

Nov. 18
The Post-Gazette published this story about the Innocence Project Anniversary. The project is in its tenth year, three of which have been organized by Duquesne. The project works with law firms who do pro bono work to assist wrongfully convicted people.

Supreme Court Takes Down Tort Reform Measure, to Health Care Groups’ Chagrin
The Pennsylvania Record interviewed Law Professor Bruce Ledewitz for this article on the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania’s recent ruling that the Medical Care Availability and Reduction of Error (MCARE) Act’s repose statute violates access to the courts.

Penn State Develops First National Fraternity Scorecard
The Post-Gazette quoted Vice President for Marketing and Communications Gabriel Welsch about Duquense University providing information for the national fraternity score card. This scorecard is meant to indicate how fraternity chapters are performing and keeping students safe.

Launching a run for Congress, Jerry Dickinson wants a new progressive energy in Washington
The Post-Gazette quoted Dr. Kristen Coopie, director of the pre-law program, about Jerry Dickinson’s challenge to Rep. Mike Doyle for Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District.

Nov. 16
Antony Davies & James Harrigan: Let Markets Solve Health Care Crisis
The Tribune-Review published this op-ed co-written by Dr. Antony Davies, associate professor of economics, about the national health care crisis and how the government’s interventions have caused more issues.

Nov. 15
Patients Adhere Well to CFTR Therapies But High Costs Could Undermine Use, Pharmacy Study Says
Cystic Fibrosis News Today quoted Dr. Khalid Kamal, professor in the School of Pharmacy, about AllianceRx Walgreens Prime and Duquesne’s research pertaining to the cost of the medication and how that affects dosage.

Nov. 14
Duquesne University Launches Undergraduate Public Health Major
The Pittsburgh Business Times reported that Duquesne would launch three new undergraduate degrees in the Rangos School of Health Sciences in fall 2020—Public Health Bachelor in Science, Arts, and Health Sciences—making it the first university in the region to offer an undergraduate public health major. This story also appeared on WPXI-TV.

Duquesne University President Weighs in on Impeachment Proceedings
WTAE-TV interviewed President Ken Gormley about Donald Trump’s impeachment proceedings. Gormley is a noted scholar on presidential impeachments.

Florida V. Segura Case Part 1/Part 2
Court TV interviewed Dr. Pamala Marshall, director and associate professor in the Forensic Science and Law program, about the importance of DNA evidence found at a crime scene.

Nov. 13
Universities Retool MBA Programs to Attract More Students
The Pittsburgh Business Times interviewed Associate Dean for Graduate Programs Dr. Karen Donovan for this article about how schools are changing their MBA programs to address declines in enrollment. Duquesne’s programs have seen a slight increase in enrollment this past fall.

Nov. 11
Breakfast at Duquesne University ‘One of the Biggest Multi-Generational Gatherings of Veterans in Pa’
KDKA-TV reported that Duquesne’s Veterans Day Breakfast is one of the largest multi-generational gatherings of veterans in the state of Pennsylvania. Nearly 700 people attended, including elected officials.

Nov. 8
Business Schools up the Grade on Sustainability
Corporate Knights quoted Dr. Robert Sroufe, professor of sustainability, operations and supply chain management in the MBA Sustainable Business Practices program, for this article on the increasing number of business programs focused on sustainability.

Guest Commentary: The Pope and Galileo Error
Inside Sources published this opinion piece by Associate Professor of Economics Dr. Antony Davies refuting Pope Francis’ claim that the logic of the market makes food a commercial product and perpetuates hunger. This piece also appeared in the Northwest Indiana Times.

Nov. 7
Dr. Kristen Coopie on ‘WMBS-Radio’ for Local Election Coverage
Dr. Kristen Coopie, director of Duquesne’s Pre-Law Program, was interviewed on WMBS-Radio in Uniontown regarding the results of the state and local elections Nov. 6.

Nov. 6
Dr. Kristen Coopie on ‘WTAE-TV’ for Local Election CoverageDr.
Kristen Coopie, director of Duquesne’s Pre-Law Program, was interviewed by WTAE-TV for her analysis regarding the state and local elections.

Here’s a Carbon Tax Plan that U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey Can Live With
The Pennsylvania Capital Star
published this opinion piece by Law Professor Bruce Ledewitz addressing objections to a revenue-neutral carbon tax to combat climate change.

Local Spiritan Priest Fulfills Sense of Adventure
The Rev. Bill Christy, C.S.Sp., University chaplain and director of campus ministry, was interviewed by the Pittsburgh Catholic for this article about his time spent in the Marines and his calling to become a Spiritan priest at Duquesne.

Pursuing Thomas Berry's 'New Story' with an Eye on Climate Change
Theology Professor Dr. Daniel Scheid was interviewed by Earth Beat (a National Catholic Reporter publication) about cultural historian and eco-theologian Fr. Thomas Berry’s 1978 paper, in which Berry emphasized a need for a cultural shift in order to sustain the planet.

Nov. 5
Life Satisfaction Survey is Producing Welcome Results for Sisters
The National Catholic Reporter published this article on University-supported research on the life satisfaction scale for religious sisters. The goal of the research is to collect data and compare results across the world and generations. Sr. Maria Clara Kreis, who wrote the article, is the grant project coordinator and lead researcher.

Nov. 3
Marsy’s Law Amendment Hanging by a Thread as Election Nears
Law Professor Bruce Ledewitz was interviewed by the Tribune-Review about Marsy’s Law, a proposed amendment to the Pennsylvania state constitution. Ledewitz says it is likely that the public will advocate the law, but the court will decide whether it is implemented.

Nov. 2
Despite the Arrival of a Massive Biography, Susan Sontag Remains an Enigma
Dr. Greg Barnhisel, professor of English, wrote this book review for the Post-Gazette about Ben Moser’s biography of Susan Sontag, Sontag: Her Life and Work. Sontag was an American writer, filmmaker, philosophical teacher and political activist.

Nov. 1
Gormley’s Viewpoint: Opportunity Zones Must Ensure Opportunity is Created for All
The Pittsburgh Business Times published this opinion piece by President Ken Gormley about opportunity zones and the importance of meeting the community’s needs.

Reiki: Hand in Hand with Nursing
Assistant Nursing Professor Dr. Cynthia Walters wrote this article for American Nurse Today about the practice of reiki, a spiritual practice grounded in the transmission of energy that can be used to compliment western medical treatments.

Tamburitzans to Donate or Sell Costumes, Instruments and Recordings
University Librarian Dr. Sara Baron was interviewed by the Post-Gazette for this story about the Tamburitzans dance troupe’s efforts to find a home for its thousands of costumes, instruments, photos and other items. Baron shared that Gumberg Library is applying for a grant to digitize some of the 5,000 books about Eastern European folk life and culture that the Tamburitzans gifted to Duquesne.

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