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Duquesne Professor Awarded Second $50,000 Charles E. Kaufman Award

Dr. H. M. Kingston, professor of analytical chemistry at Duquesne University, was recently awarded the second annual Charles E. Kaufman Award of $50,000 for his contributions to the research of chemical influences in autistic children.

The award is presented annually to an honoree that demonstrates substantial contributions to science for both the betterment and understanding of human life.  Charles Kaufman established the special award fund at The Pittsburgh Foundation to “promote a better and fairer world by supporting those that can make a difference with science.”

At Duquesne, Kingston has dual appointments in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry and the Center for Environmental Research and Education. In addition, he is director of a focused research center at the University in mass spectrometry and analytical chemistry.

“I may not be able to solve a particular scientific issue, but I can help others by solving complex measurement challenges,” said Dr. Kingston.  “It is an incredible honor to accept this award from Mr. Kaufman.”

Kingston has worked closely with Dr. Scott Faber of The Children’s Institute to measure and evaluate environmental toxins effect on autistic children.  He was also recently appointed to the Air Force Surgeon General’s taskforce to study future needs in healthcare to 2045.

“Autism is a growing concern worldwide,” said Greg Curtis, chairman of the Pittsburgh Foundation’s Board of Directors and a member of the Board of the Charles E. Kaufman Fund. “Dr. Kingston’s exemplary work in this area of research is to be commended and is representative of the vision of the Kaufman Award to better our community and our world.”

An award-winning professor, Kingston holds multiple patents in the field of Speciated Isotope Dilution Mass Spectrometry, mass spectrometry automation and microwave enhanced chemistry, and has others pending. He holds a B.S. in chemistry education and an M.S. in analytical chemistry from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and a Ph.D. in analytical chemistry and environmental management from the American University.

The Charles E. Kaufman Award Fund operates as a supporting organization of the Pittsburgh Foundation with managerial oversight provided by a seven-member Board of Directors. Nominations for the award are solicited from selected colleges and universities in Pennsylvania that deliver graduate level programs. Nominations are then assessed for their impact in chemistry, biology or physics by a five-member Scientific Advisory Board.

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