Duquesne Awards Honors College Fellowships for Student Travel, Research

Duquesne University's Honors College has selected five students as Honors College Fellows.

"The Endowed Fellowships are all in named areas of strategic significance for the University as a whole," said Dr. Kathleen Glenister Roberts, Honors College director. "They also are in areas that typically do not receive external funding for undergraduate research: African studies, creative arts, liberal arts, Catholic intellectual tradition, phenomenology, women's and gender studies, and community-engaged learning. We are thus strengthening two key areas of the University: undergraduate research and the strategic plan."

While bolstering undergraduate research in these areas, the fellowships also achieve the goal of the Honors College to jumpstart emerging leaders, Roberts said. "On the individual level, the grants allow students to take quantum leaps forward with their ideas," Roberts explained. "At the same time, this fulfills the goal of the Honors College to help develop creative and critical thinking skills in our top students so they become leaders in their field and, ultimately, change the world."

Recipients, all juniors, are:

  • Mariangela Gominho, School of Music, Endowed Fellow in Creative Arts. She will study Icelandic epic song poetry, learning language and diction at the University in Reykjavik, Iceland, then attend The Folk Music Festival in northern Iceland. She will transcribe the poems and set them to standard classical instrumentation of voice and piano.
  • Catherine Hull, School of Business, Endowed Fellow in African Studies. She will travel to Tanzania with Pure Thirst this summer to study the impact of aid on a community from a sustainability perspective.
  • Anna Kemper, College of Liberal Arts, Endowed Fellow in Creative Arts. She will attend World Youth Day and visit several sacred sites in Poland and the birthplaces of Polish saints to produce creative writing and a multimedia art exhibit.
  • Sarah Schech, College of Liberal Arts, Endowed Fellow in Liberal Arts. She is conducting a longitudinal study of acculturation in students who study abroad.
  • Rachel Willis, College of Liberal Arts, Endowed Fellow in Women's and Gender Studies. She will study political science in Chile this fall, researching women in political leadership and examining how Chilean girls are mentored and encouraged to become leaders.

The fellows present at Duquesne's Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Symposium or provide programs for campus, and are encouraged to address their professional disciplines.

"They also give presentations to the honors freshmen in the fall so the next generation can be inspired," Roberts said.

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