Duquesne University Named Among Princeton Review’s Best 384 Colleges

The University Also is Included Among the Best Colleges in the Northeast

Duquesne University has again been recognized by The Princeton Review as one of the best institutions for undergraduate education in the United States.

The Princeton Review named Duquesne in its Best 384 Colleges edition for 2019. The University also is included in the Best Colleges: Region by Region list for the Northeast.

To develop its 2019 list, The Princeton Review surveyed 138,000 students (average 359 per campus) attending the 384 top colleges from the most previous lists and asked them to rate their schools on dozens of topics.

In the publication's profile of Duquesne, students describe the University as "very focused on providing a friendly yet professional, scholarly Catholic education" and that it is "all about growth of the student through the mind, body and spirit-the whole person, you are not just a number." Undergraduates also say they are "thoughtful, dedicated to success, morally and spiritually driven, and diverse."

For the Best Colleges: Region by Region, The Princeton Review features 661 colleges in five geographic zones. The colleges are considered to be academically outstanding and worth consideration in one's college search.

"We picked the 384 'best' colleges primarily for their outstanding academics; we highly recommend each one," said Robert Franek, editor in chief at The Princeton Review. "We created our 62 ranking lists to help narrow that search. They are based entirely on data we gather beyond academics that gives insight into what the schools' enrolled students say about their professors, administrators, school services, campus culture, and student life. In the end, it's all about the fit."

Duquesne University

Founded in 1878, Duquesne is consistently ranked among the nation's top Catholic universities for its award-winning faculty and horizon-expanding education. A campus of nearly 9,500 graduate and undergraduate students, Duquesne prepares students by having them work alongside faculty to discover and reach their goals. The University's academic programs, community service, and commitment to equity and opportunity in the Pittsburgh region have earned national acclaim. 

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