President Ken Gormley Signs DACA Statement

President Ken Gormley met this week with faculty members, SGA leaders and foreign students on campus to seek input on issues raised at the recent "Civil Discourse" program relating to immigration and other matters. After these meetings, President Gormley announced today that he had decided to sign a letter joining other university presidents across the United States in urging the Trump administration to consider renewing the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) law.

Gormley stated that, although he initially elected not to sign the letter because Duquesne University currently has no DACA students on campus, he was persuaded that signing the letter was nonetheless a good way to reflect the Catholic Spiritan roots and identity of the University.

"I was particularly touched by my conversation with SGA President James Daher and Vice President of Student Life Carly Koza," said Gormley. "They were very convincing that-even though the DACA question does not directly impact Duquesne students today-it is likely to impact our campus community in the near future. Additionally, I was moved by their feeling that signing the letter is a strong expression of our Spiritan history, because this University was founded to assist recent immigrants and to provide new opportunities to them and their families through the power of education; this has parallels to the goal of DACA. I agree with that logic. I deeply appreciate the input of students, faculty and the entire Duquesne community in thinking through this timely topic that emerged from our broader conversation at the 'Civil Discourse' symposium."

Gormley now joins over 600 other college and university presidents in signing the letter supporting the continuation of DACA. The link can be found at

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