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The Citizen Science Lab Offers Kids Seven Weeks of Science This Summer

Kids from grades 3-12 will have the chance to get their hands on some science this summer as The Citizen Science Lab launches its first summer of operation.

Exploration of life sciences is offered in weeklong sessions from June 15 through July 24 at The Citizen Science Lab (CSL). Duquesne University and Urban Innovation21 are founding partners for CSL, Pittsburgh's open-to-the-public life sciences lab developed to provide state-of-the-art skills to next-generation STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) workers.

"Usually, during the school year you get lecture after lecture and not a lot of hands on experimentation," said Dr. Andre Samuel, CSL director. "At our summer camp, it's the complete reverse! Participants spend their time experimenting as a way of learning and building skill sets that are highly desirable in the STEM workforce."

The sessions will include:

  • June 15-19, Microbiological techniques (learn how microorganisms break down an oil slick and draw with fluorescent, glowing bacteria)
  • June 22-26, DNA structures and function (make personal DNA fingerprints, experience a crime-scene-like investigation and model the molecule)
  • June 29-July 3, Protozoan exploration (watch the effects of caffeine and alcohol on water fleas, and see live organisms interact on the microscopic level)
  • July 6-July 10, Microscopy (how to use and see cool images, from bacteria and protozoa to spider webs, tissue, crystals and more, creating a microscopic art gallery)
  • July 13-17, Chemistry and biochemistry experimentation (what science lies behind silver plating, candy making and cyanotyping; how much vitamin C is in our foods?)
  • July 20-24, Owl Pellet project (working at their own pace on their own research to determine the diet of these birds).

The cost is $175 per week (bring a lunch). CSL operates in the Energy Innovation Center, 1435 Bedford Ave., Pittsburgh.
Registration and information are online at www.thecitizensciencelab.org and on Facebook.

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