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WDUQ Converts to High Definition Radio Technology

In December, WDUQ 90.5 FM became the first radio station in the Pittsburgh market to utilize the “multicasting” capabilities of HD Radio technology. With the new technology, WDUQ began broadcasting “CD-quality” sound this past summer. Now, the station is offering two additional programming channels (WDUQ-2 and WDUQ-3) to augment the “News, Jazz, NPR” programming heard on the 90.5 FM signal throughout the tri-state region.

With HD Radio technology, radio stations have the capability of creating additional digital radio channels from a single FM frequency. Listeners need an HD Radio receiver capable of accepting the content on WDUQ-2 and WDUQ-3. In the coming year, increased interest in the new technology by both broadcasters and consumers will cause the HD receivers to become more widely available and affordable. Listeners without HD receivers will still be able to hear the original 90.5 FM signal on their current radios.

The WDUQ-2 channel counter-programs the original 90.5 FM program schedule. When news is normally broadcast on 90.5 FM, WDUQ-2 will broadcast jazz. When music or entertainment shows are normally heard, WDUQ-2 will present news and talk. With an HD Radio receiver, a listener could switch between channels one and two for a 24-hour news and talk service.

The WDUQ-2 schedule includes news and talk programs not currently heard in the Pittsburgh market—such as BBC World Service and National Public Radio’s (NPR) On Point, Talk of the Nation, The Diane Rehm Show, and News & Notes with Ed Gordon. Fresh Air with Terry Gross can be heard twice daily at noon and 7 p.m., Monday through Friday, on the new WDUQ-2 channel.

The WDUQ-3 channel features a second significant American music—the blues. The all-blues channel can be heard 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

WDUQ’s conversion to digital radio was funded in part by a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB).

About WDUQ 90.5 FM:
WDUQ 90.5 FM reaches the most listeners of any public radio outlet in the region. WDUQ broadcasts national, international and regional news and public affairs, entertainment and jazz programming. WDUQ also produces music and spoken word programs for national and international radio distribution. WDUQ broadcasts from the campus of Duquesne University to the tri-state region and streams two audio channels on the web: http://www.wduq.org.

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