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Health and Wellness

At Duquesne, we look after the whole person- body, mind and soul. That includes providing services that allow your child to be active and fit, care for your child when they come down with a seasonal bug, and provide an outlet when your child just needs to talk.

These are some of the resources in place to make this happen:

Recreation and Fitness in the Power Center

Our state-of-the-art Power Center features a wide array of fun and challenging ways to stay fit and well, such as fitness classes, intramurals and club sports.

Health Service

Health Service provides medical, mental health and wellness services, including physician and nursing care, routine physical exams, laboratory testing, allergy injections, nutrition counseling, health education and referrals.

Note: All full time students must have medical insurance coverage and provide the University with verifiable proof of coverage. If you have a question or need further information, contact QMServices at 1.800.273.1715, or

All students must submit University Health Requirments and Immunizations through the Health Service Student Portal.

University Counseling Center

Our University Counseling and Wellbeing Center offers free and confidential counseling services to students.

DU Cares

DU Cares provides alcohol and drug awareness education, and when necessary, referrals to appropriate services if alcohol or other drugs become a problem.