When you can't be there, we'll help.

Support to Help Your Student Succeed

While studying at Duquesne, your son or daughter has access to a number of support services that can provide assistance with everything from the transition to college to the search for internships or a job. From settling into college life freshman year to preparing to enter the work world senior year, you can depend on Duquesne to provide the support that will help your student succeed.

Services available to students include:

  • For many new college students, freshman year can be an exciting and daunting experience. The Office of Freshman Development is ready to help freshmen do their best academically, socially and personally.
  • To do their best in difficult subjects, students can utilize our variety of tutoring and mentoring services, including the Learning Skills Center, the Writing Center and our Mentor Program.
  • The Center for Student Wellbeing exists to help students develop a self-understanding and lifestyle pattern to achieve total wellbeing for the mind, the body, the heart, and the spirit.
  • We are proud that our diverse student body includes individuals with special needs, including learning and physical disabilities. The Disability Services can help ensure that your student gets the accommodations he or she needs to be successful.
  • Long before graduation, students should be in contact with our Career Services Center for help with resume development, internship searches and more.
  • In addition to textbooks for your student's classes, our campus Barnes & Noble offers school supplies, DU apparel, general reading books and magazines, as well as a café serving snacks, sandwiches and Starbucks coffee.

University Policies for Student Conduct

Duquesne University adheres to federal and state laws, including the prohibition on underage consumption of alcoholic beverages for students less than 21 years of age and the distribution or use of controlled substances.

When students make choices that violate institutional policy, they are held accountable for their actions through the Duquesne University Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities and Conduct. This process is administered by the Office of Student Conduct. They should also review the Student Handbook.

Parents will be notified of their student’s behavior for

  • Alcohol: after the second violation and any subsequent violations
  • Illegal Drugs: for any violation

Other Policies

  • Academic policies can be reviewed on the University Registrar's website.

  • The residency requirement, Residence Life Handbook and other housing regulations can be found under Student Housing.

  • Review our Privacy Policy in regards to grades and health issues. 

  • The University Health and Immunization Requirements.