Sponsored Research

COVID-19 Update

The Office of Research and Innovation is fully operational.

In accordance with current campus de-densification strategies, limited Office of Research staff are physically in the office on a part-time basis, and otherwise working from home. The best way to ensure that you reach someone is via email. Please reach out to one of us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Click here for updates related to the Duquesne's response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Office of Research and Innovation supports and encourages faculty and students to engage in research that will help us and our neighbors to live our lives to the fullest. As a one-stop source of information, the Office of Research and Innovation works toward the creation of new knowledge and its application through technology transfer. Current faculty and staff can contact the Office of Research and Innovation for resources and procedural information.

Supporting Discoveries

The Office of Research and Innovation encourages these endeavors through:

  • Providing technical support and networking opportunities
  • Assisting with grant applications and competitions
  • Fostering interdisciplinary and community partnerships.
  • Safe research with human subjects and animals

Licensing and Patent Development

The Office of Research and Innovation serves as the touch point for those outside the University who are interested in Technology Transfer .

The experienced team has created spin-off companies, processed patent applications, and licensed technology and patents, and welcomes inquiries about these possibilities.

Faculty Support

View our Planning Your Proposal page for Information about the grant process, from availability and deadlines to proposal writing, budgeting and post-project follow-up. 

Specific questions may be addressed to the Office of Research and Innovation staff.

Student Support

Most student research questions start with a professor and a particular interest, but the Office of Research and Innovation staff can provide additional guidance, especially for those heading into national and international competitions and conferences.

The Undergraduate Research & Scholarship Symposium (URSS) and the Graduate Research Symposium (GRS) give Duquesne University graduate and undergraduate students the opportunity to present research and scholarship, place a mark of distinction on their resumes, and network with peers, faculty, and the public.