Rachael Desmond, an undergraduate from the School of Nursing, presents her findings at the annual Undergraduate Research & Scholarship Symposium.

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Student Research

As part of the University's mission, students are encouraged to take advantage of the University's size, excellent faculty ratio and conducive research environment to learn through true hands-on opportunities. Duquesne undergraduate and graduate students exemplify the high standards of a Duquesne education through their scholarship and research in addition to their classroom achievement.

Nearly every graduate student at Duquesne is intimately involved in research as part of their training. They've all come to expect and benefit from the opportunities, available within a distinguished University that has achieved the Carnegie high research university rating. 

Undergraduate students are also encouraged to conduct scholarship and research, make presentations and posters, and attend and present at professional conferences as well as the annual Research and Scholarship Symposium.

Once a year, the entire University celebrates our student's efforts at the Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Symposium (which occurs in the spring), and the Graduate Student Research Symposium (which occurs in the fall). Graduate students may attend national conferences with their faculty advisors. Undergraduates are also encouraged to attend statewide and national events where their research is showcased.

For Duquesne students, these research opportunities have paid off in top national honors such as Fulbright, Goldwater and Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation scholarships. Most student research starts with a professor and a particular interest in a project, but the Office of Research staff can provide additional guidance, especially for those heading into national and international competitions and conferences.

Ways to learn from and inspire others are available on the websites of each of Duquesne's schools.

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