Judge Information

Judge Information for URSS & GSRS

Here are some guidelines for judges to be aware of when participating in the Undergraduate and Graduate Research Symposiums. A document of these instructions can also be found here to download.

1. Sponsors assign judges.

2. 1 to 2 weeks prior to event, Office of Research sends student abstracts to judges so they have a chance to review beforehand. Schedule posted to website: www.duq.edu/urss or www.duq.edu/gsrs

3. Day before event: Students set up their posters prior to 2:00 pm. The abstract number (which will be listed in the program booklet) corresponds with the poster number. A map of the day-of set up will be provided to judges to help navigate through posters. Posters from various disciplines are randomly placed to encourage networking amongst students.
Light appetizers provided from 2:00 to 4:00 in Shepperson Suite.

Event space open for preview for judges from 4:00 to 7:00.
This gives judges a chance to preview posters without the students present.

4. Day of event: Please report to the Shepperson Suite for your name badge. Poster Sessions and Oral Presentations alternate every hour based on schedule. Schedule posted to website: www.duq.edu/urss or www.duq.edu/gsrs

Judges walk around and interact with students during poster sessions. Please limit your interactions to the time during which the schedule reads "Open Poster Session and Judging." This will prevent disruption from the formal presenters, and encourage students to listen to their peers' presentations.

Look at the schedule in advance to determine if students orally presenting qualify for your award. Be sure to send a judge to the presentations if this is the case

5. Judges inform Mary McConnell or Christine Pollock who they have chosen as a winner no later than 2:15 the day of the event.

6. Award Ceremony: Award ceremony takes place at end of event (Typically 3:00pm). Let Mary or Chris know who is available from your department to announce winners. We will go in the order in which awards appear in the program. Announcer will go to the podium and announce the award in the order in which the awards appear in the program booklet.

7. Processing Award Checks: Award sponsors will be responsible for processing award checks. We will contact each sponsor's office after the event to provide a list of award winners. Your business manager or admin will contact award winners to obtain their legal name/address and fill out an authorized payment. Office of Research will send winner's info to each department after the event.

Items to Note:
Judging Criteria - It is up to the judges and sponsors to come up with criteria. How you divide the work and when you plan to be present at the event is UP TO YOU. We have provided a generic template but strongly encourage each judge to prepare their own judging criteria.