Presentation & Conferences Opportunities

NCUR - National Conference on Undergraduate Research

Through this annual conference, NCUR creates a unique environment for the celebration and promotion of undergraduate student achievement; provides models of exemplary research, scholarship, and creative activity; and helps to improve the state of undergraduate education. Each conference hosts 3,500 to 4,000 students from across the globe, presenting their research through posters, oral presentations, visual arts, and performances.

PA-URC - Pennsylvania Undergraduate Research at the Capitol
The URC-PA poster Conference is an educational event allowing the undergraduate students enrolled in Pennsylvania's colleges and universities to showcase their research talents to the Commonwealth's key decision-makers.

Please note that interested students should contact Duquesne's Office of Research and Innovation in order to apply internally.

Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Symposium
Held annually each spring by the Office of Research and Innovation, the Undergraduate Research & Scholarship Symposium (URSS) provides Duquesne University undergraduates the opportunity to share their research and other forms of scholarship with faculty, peers, and the local community.The Symposium encourages undergraduates from all areas of study to engage in research opportunities early-on in their academic career.

Bayer School of Natural & Environmental Sciences - Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium
The Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium is a celebration of undergraduate research in the sciences in the Greater Pittsburgh area, offering an exciting opportunity for student researchers, science faculty, and area professionals to interact and share in undergraduate research.