Publication Opportunities

Once a projects has been properly established, undergraduates are encouraged to take their research and knowledge to the next level by exploring the possibility of undergraduate publication.

Midwest Journal of Undergraduate Research

The Midwest Journal of Undergraduate Research is seeking student manuscripts from any discipline to be considered for publication.

Journals for Undergraduates

View a list of journals - both print and electronic - that are willing to review and potentially accept research articles from undergraduate students. Undergraduates are encouraged to speak with their faculty advisor if you are interested in pursuing one of these opportunities.

DU Scholarship Collection

If you participate as an oral presenter at the Undergraduate Research & Scholarship Symposium or you win an award, you will be eligible to submit a paper for online publication in the DU Scholarship Collection.

DU Quark

The purpose of the D.U.Quark is to create opportunities for Duquesne University students to communicate and peer review STEM topics for broader audiences. This student organization writes, peer reviews, and accepts student-written research articles, news articles, and creative works related to the sciences. The D.U.Quark also aims to engage all members of the Duquesne community in an interdisciplinary conversation about research locally and globally.