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Timeline for Community Engagement Classification Process

December 17, 2008 - Duquesne selected for Community Engagement Classification

The Carnegie Foundation selected Duquesne University as one of the 119 institutions that will carry the Community Engagement Classification and is classified for two categories - curricular engagement and outreach & partnerships. Visit the Foundation's press release. 

August 25, 2008 - Duquesne Submits CEC Application

The University's self-study document was used to inform its application to the Carnegie Foundation. A copy of the University's 2008 Community Engagement Self-Study may be viewed in DORI, on the Home tab in the Spotlight channel.

January to August 2008 - Self-Study Process Conducted

Interviews with 52 faculty, administrators, community partners, and staff were conducted to gather an exhaustive picture of the community engagement activities occurring at Duquesne University. Stories and illustrations resulting from the interviews will be compiled as part of the self-study document. Fifteen community engagement projects (happening in 07-08) that are representative of Duquesne's community engagement will be highlighted as part of the University's self-study document. 

January 1, 2008  - Duquesne Declares Intent to Apply

Provost and Academic Vice President Dr. Ralph Pearson informed the Carnegie Foundation of Duquesne's intent to apply for the CEC in a letter to Carnegie Consulting Scholar Dr. Amy Driscol on January 10.

January 8 and 9, 2008 - CEC Discussion Meetings Held

Two meetings were held to introduce members of the Duquesne community to the Carnegie Elective Classification for Community Engagement.

Nearly 50 people from across the University attended. They represented units as diverse as Facilities Management, Academic Affairs, and the Biology and Special Education Departments. Lina Dostilio, director of the Office of Service-Learning, hosted both meetings. During her presentation, she reviewed the application framework, highlighted the key steps in the application process, and solicited comments and questions from attendants.

Overall, the feedback from participants was positive, most of whom expressed eagerness for further involvement. The next steps in the CEC application process will include follow-up interviews with meeting attendants and initial interviews with Duquesne's community partners.