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Interfaith Cooperation Through Service


The Creation of an Interfaith Council

A group of students will be selected to expand the leadership capacity of students on interfaith issues across the campus. These student leaders will be trained and provide campus wide leadership on interfaith issues. The students will reflect our diverse campus body and will further the spirit of tolerance that has been a cornerstone of our university community. This group of students will provide a space for student leadership on various initiatives on interfaith service across the campus and the greater Pittsburgh community. Through this forum students will have the opportunity to actively voice their interfaith ideas in a dialogic manner just as our Spiritan founders have done in their work throughout the world.

Student Led Symposium

In the spring student members of the interfaith service council will develop a student-led and student focused symposium on service and diversity, featuring sessions on interfaith dialogue, service with communities experiencing poverty, and collaboration between groups of different races and cultures. The goal of the conference and speakers will be to increase the education and awareness of the student body concerning religious diversity.

Dialogue Panels

In the 2011-2012 academic year, we will continue the interfaith dialogue panels conducted through Spiritan Campus Ministry. These dialogues are panels of invited religious leaders and representatives from across several different faith perspectives who were invited to share their worldviews with students.

The Laval Project: an interfaith community engagement project

This will be a faith-based culture and history training about our local neighborhoods named after Spiritan Jacques Laval. Father Jacques Laval, the first Spiritan to be beatified, was a friend of the poor and committed to interreligious tolerance. He was so beloved in the pluralistic Mauritius that over 40,000 Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, and Christians attended his funeral together.