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The Interfaith Council

The Interfaith Council is a student run council comprising of students of all different religions and faiths, including those of an secular or atheist tradition, working together to improve dialogue through service. The major goals of the Interfaith Council are to design and run the Student Led Symposium for Interfaith Dialogue Through Service in the Spring of 2012, to design and run multiple Interfaith Dialogues, and to create an Engagement Project, the Laval Project.

Organizations  Participating:

Spiritan Campus Ministry
Muslim Student Organization
Crossroads Christian Fellowship
Orthodox Christian Fellowship

Council Members:

Leah Bevilacqua (Gathering)
Caitlin McCullough (Gathering)
Stephen Shadid (Interfaith Dialogue)
Ann Countway (Interfaith Dialogue)
Kim Daley (Laval/Engagement and Interfaith Dialogue)
Rezwanul Badhan (Laval/Engagement and Interfaith Dialogue)
Emily Walsh (Laval/Engagement and Gathering)
Steve Kenney (Interfaith Dialogue)