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Boyce Park Nature Center (Monroeville)

Boyce Park Nature Center is an environmental education center of horticulture and natural therapeutic programs for all ages.

Volunteers are needed to assist with a variety of projects at this County Park and environmental education center. Duties may include plant control, trail restoration, planting, mulching, and greenhouse projects.


Frick Environmental Center (Squirrel Hill)

Frick Environmental is an education center whose mission is to connect people to nature through exploration, outdoor experience and stewardship of Frick Park.

Volunteers can assist by contributing to both the restoration of the park and educational programming.


Friends of the Riverfront (South Side)

FOR serves the entire Pittsburgh area by maintaining the hiking, biking, rowing and boating trails around and throughout the city. Our mission is to increase awareness and engagement with the Pittsburgh regions rivers and river fronts through activities, stewardship and expansion of water and land trails.

Volunteers would assist in maintaining the trails for the natural wildlife of Pittsburgh.


Global Links

Global Links is a Pittsburgh based non-profit, celebrating our 20th anniversary in 2009.  It is a medical relief and development organization dedicated to a two-fold mission of environmental stewardship and improving health in developing countries.  It collaborates with US healthcare facilities to redirect still useful materials away from landfills to public health improvement efforts in targeted countries throughout the hemisphere. 

Volunteers can be helpful in the professional services such as graphic design, consulting and public relations and more. Helping with sorting and packing medical equipment and supplies for shipment overseas and helping identify and determine usefulness of specialty medical instruments and supplies.  Other ways to help: hosting an introductory session, collect items for new Mom/Baby care bags, start a collection for medical hygiene items. Requirement: 18 yrs old, 2 hr shifts a week


Pennsylvania Resources Council (Southside)

PRC organization is an environmental non-profit organization focused on conserving the Earth's resources through programs including recycling promotion, composting, litter prevention, watershed awareness and more.

Students could be performing a number of activities. From collecting recyclables at community and collection events - to working at our location in the South Side on data entry and our environmental resource guide - to wearing the mascot (our Litterbug) costume.


Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens (Oakland)

Phipps is a 13 room Victorian greenhouse that is over 100 years old and includes multiply outdoor gardens, tropical and desert plants.

Volunteers may assist with activities in the Children's garden; serve as host/hostess during the Fall, Winter and Spring Flower shows. There is also a need for assistance during special events.


Regional Environmental Education Center (Upper St. Clair)

REEC is a non-profit environmental education facility serving all of Southwestern PA. Our mission is "highlighting" the connection between people and the natural world of Southwestern PA. The center offers school, scout, family, and adult programs, as well as, children's camps and special events.

Volunteers will assist in administrative duties, educational programming, and public outreach. Pre-requisite: Orientation on first day of volunteering.


Venture Outdoors (Downtown)

Venture Outdoors is a locally based non-profit organization that seeks to transform the region into one where the outdoors is an integral part of our culture, our identity, and our lifestyle. We do this by increasing participation in outdoor recreational activity, this in-turn creates a sense of community among participants, increased awareness of the region's excellent quality of life and a better understanding of deeper appreciation for the environment.

Volunteers will assist in special events, staffing a table at events, office duties and mailings.