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Membership Information

Meetings and Events

 As more of our members work, meetings take place in the evening.  Meetings are normally held on the third Tuesday of the month at 6 p.m. in the Board Room, Fifth Floor, Administration Building.

In March, the WAB sponsors a music scholarship competition for Duquesne Music students in their junior year at the University. That date is announced by the Music Department. We plan our March general meeting to coincide with this event. Each December, a holiday luncheon is held for our members.


Dues are $100 annually for active members and $50 for sustaining members.  Dues notices are sent in January of each year.

Membership Guidelines

The names of all  new applicants will be presented to the Board before a letter of invitation and an application is sent to the candidate.

       When recruiting new members, ask if she has a connection to Duquesne University.   Although not necessary, it is helpful.

        In order to  meet members, a prospective applicant will be invited to a meeting.

        Once an applicant has been approved for membership, she will receive an acceptance notice.

Since the Women's Advisory Board is a fundraising organization whose purpose is to generate funds for students, all current, new, and prospective members should realize there is a financial obligation to being a part of the Board along with the membership fee.

Some of those yearly financial obligations might be:

  • Participating in the yearly fundraiser
  • Contributing food and beverages to meetings
  • Volunteering one's time and effort