Serving through Charitable Giving


Brothers BrothersDuquesne University worked with Brother's Brother Foundation to bring beds, operating tables and equipment to three hospitals in Tanzania: one administered by the Spiritans, one by the Catholic Archdiocese of Arusha and one operated by a Lutheran group. Faculty member Anne Marie Hansen and other Duquesne deans and officials visited Tanzania in 2010 to build the relationships with Spiritan and Lutheran-administered hospitals, health centers and clinics across the Arusha region.

Africans among the Spiritan Community at Duquesne

Rev. UzukwuThe Rev. Elochukwu Uzukwu, C.S.Sp. (right) holds the Father Pierre Schouver, C.S.Sp., Endowed Chair in Mission. Father Schouver served as Superior General of the Congregation of the Holy Spirit from 1992-2004. He will work to deepen the academic and intellectual discussion about African culture and the Catholic Intellectual Tradition. These Spritians are also studying and teaching at Duquesne:

  • Chike Anyigbo, C.S.Sp., of Nigeria is a Ph.D candidate, Bioethics / Medical Ethics, and co-pastor in two parishes, regional secretary, secretary of AMTA Foundation for training of priests and missionaries.
  • Jocelyn Gregoire, C.S.Sp. of Mauritius is an Assistant Professor of Counseling, Psychology and Special Education.
  • Antonio Quimino Damiao, C.S.Sp. of Angola is a graduate student, Liberal Arts who spend a year in pastoral ministry in Angola and seven years in Central Africa. His interests include African music, classical music, soccer, ancient philosophy and universal history.
  • Casimir Nyaki, C.S.Sp. of Tanzania, earned his master's degree and Ph.D in Philosophy at Duquesne, where he teaches African philosophy, basic philosophical questions, logic and African political philosophy.
  • Peter Osuji, C.S.Sp. of Nigeria is a Campus Minister in Commuter Affairs. His ministries are missionary work and teaching, and he is campus advisor for the Table Tennis Club at Duquesne.

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