Applicant FAQ's

Application Process

Application for a position with Duquesne University requires you to ‘Create a Profile' by clicking the link in the upper right corner of the career page. You can also create a profile upon selecting a position for application.

Your profile information is to include your name, phone number and email address. You can update your profile information at any time.

The job search process may take up to 2-3months. You will be contacted by phone or email if you are selected for a phone screen or an interview. Applicants will be notified once a position is filled.

Once you have submitted your application you will receive a confirmation email.

Application Guidelines

Resumes/Cover Letters: First time users will be asked to complete the on-line application. As part of the process, you will be prompted to upload a resume and cover letter. It is recommended that you have these materials ready and available at the time that you apply.

Review Qualifications: Please review the minimum qualifications on the job posting to ensure the position is an appropriate match.

As the application progresses you may receive an email with a task to be completed, for general awareness or an action you may need to take.

Updates to an Application: Steps to be taken to update an application that has already been submitted to a job posting:

  1. Update your profile within the Career Site portal.
  2. Withdraw your application from the specific job posting and re-apply with your new application. Caution: You may not be able to update your application if the job posing is no longer active

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact if I have questions about the application process?

Calls are received in Human Resources at 412-396-6575 and select option 7 to speak with an HR representative or email to . Office hours are Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 4:30pm.

Who can I contact if I need special accommodations due to a disability?

If you need reasonable accommodation in order to participate in the University's application and/or interview process, please contact the Office of Human Resources at 412-396-5104 or 412-396-1403.

Can I save my application before I finish completing it?

Yes, your application can be saved into a draft format. Please note by simply saving your information this does not mean you have officially applied to a position. Saving your work frequently is a best practice. You must complete all required steps in the application process and submit your information. Please note at various steps of the on-line application process fields showing an asterisk "*" are required fields needing to be completed.

Do I need to recreate my application each time I want to apply for a position?

Our system will retain basic information in your applicant profile that will pass into any job you apply to. However, you will need to complete all application steps when applying to a job since each job you apply to may have different questions asked of applicants.

Can I apply to more than one position?

Yes, you can apply to multiple positions that are posted.

How will I know when I have completed the process of applying for a position?

You will receive a confirmation email when you have successfully completed the process. You will also be able to see your completed application on your candidate profile.

Will a resume and cover letter be required for every position?

Requirements for job posting will vary by position. It is recommended to review the position requirements.

Besides a resume and cover letter, can I attach additional documents in the application process?

Yes, additional documents can be uploaded as specified in the job posting.

All my pertinent information is on my resume. Can I fax, mail or e-mail my applicant materials to you?

The University does not accept resumes or applications via fax, mail or e-mail.

I want to send a sample of my work (portfolio, CD, syllabi, etc.) so the hiring manager or search committee has it for review. How can I do that?

Submit only applicant materials requested in the job posting. This applies to work samples or copies of resume/cover letter. Other materials such as portfolios, CDs, etc. may be requested by the hiring department later in the search process.

If I am presently a Duquesne University employee, do I still need to complete an employment application?

Yes, you need to apply to all positions using our internal application site through Cornerstone. Applications are required of each person applying for a position. It is likely that some of your credentials have changed since you originally applied and obtained the position you are currently in. Completing a new application ensures that your current qualifications and personal information are documented and up to date.

I missed the deadline for applying for a position. Can I still apply?

No, additional applications will not be accepted once a deadline has passed since the posting will not be active.

I saw a position advertised, but when I went to the website it was not listed. How can I apply for it?

The fact that the position is no longer listed indicates that either the application deadline has passed or the position was filled or cancelled.

I made a mistake on the application I submitted for a position. How can I change it?

Once you have certified the information on your application to be complete and true and you have applied the application to a position, you cannot change your application or attachments for that position. You will need to withdraw your current application and reapply to the position. If the position is no longer posted you will not be able to reapply.

How often are job listings updated?

Positions may be posted/removed at any time.

How will I know the status of a position?

By logging into your profile you will be able to view the current status of positions to which you have applied.

Will I be guaranteed an interview if I am qualified for a position?

Often, there are many applicants who apply and meet the minimum qualifications for a position. Not all will be granted an interview. The search committee/hiring manager will schedule interviews with candidates who appear to present the best fit for the University, department, and position available.

Will I receive a letter if I am not the selected candidate for a position?

All applicants will receive an email communication closure of the job posting.

Does the University conduct pre-employment criminal background checks?

Yes, the University conducts background checks and other pre-requisite testing as determined per position. Offers of employment are contingent upon a background clearance.

What should I do if I forget my username and/or password?

Follow the "forgot password" feature when you try to log into your profile.

Background Check Frequently Asked Questions:

Why does the University need to conduct background checks?

  1. The reasons for this procedure are many but first and foremost are the need to ensure that individuals who join the University fully support the mission of the University, are qualified for their positions, have the potential to be productive and have fairly presented their qualifications on the employment application.
  2. The potential liability for "negligent hiring" claims in today's society is significant and must be addressed in a consistent University wide fashion.
  3. The potential loss of public support or image due to problems encountered in this area and finally the increased pressure from insurance carriers to move our hiring processes in this direction to minimize the overall risks associated with the results of ineffective hiring.

Who is subject to a background check?

  1. This procedure applies to all new hires as full-time and part-time administration, staff and faculty employed by the University.
  2. Students who hold full-time positions at the University must undergo the same prescreening process.
  3. The procedure does not apply to part time student employees or part-time temporary, special assignment employees (less than 3-months in duration) who are not working with minors under the age of 18.

Who performs the "background check" and what does it consist of?

Pre-employment screening will include minimum elements and additional aspects depending on the nature of the duties involved.
The minimum elements that will apply to all new hires are:

  • Background checks of criminal convictions (felony and misdemeanors);
  • Education verification (to verify degree(s) earned from accredited institution); and
  • Reference checks [this should continue to be done prior to an offer of employment by the hiring department in consultation with Human Resources].

As appropriate to the specific job, additional requirements may include:

  • Physical examination;
  • Motor vehicle record verification;
  • Drug tests (as currently applied) and
  • Credit record check

In order to assure a consistent and effective application of this procedure, the process of conducting the background checks will be managed by the Office of Human Resource Management. Any exceptions to this procedure must be approved by the Divisional Vice President for the function in which the potential employee would be employed with the advice of the Senior Director of Human Resources Management.

What does the policy say about Contingent Offer of Employment?

  1. The Office of Human Resource Management and the Hiring Department shall work together to identify a candidate for hire.
  2. Once a candidate has been identified for hire, an offer of employment shall be extended by the hiring department to the candidate, specifically indicating that the offer is contingent upon the successful completion of appropriate pre-employment screening.
  3. Once a verbal commitment of employment is secured, the Office of Human Resources will initiate the background check procedure.

Are international (non U.S. citizens or permanent residents) applicants subject to background checks?

The answer is yes. In the event the international applicant's previous employer or institution is based in the United States or the individual has been residing within the U.S. for 30-days or longer, the applicant will need to have a U.S. background check.

In the event an International applicant is not coming immediately from a U.S. based employer or institution, but from a country outside the U.S., and international background search will be conducted.

Will the applicant be notified that he or she is subject to a background check and/or drug screen?

Applicants will be informed at the time of the verbal offer, that an offer of employment is contingent upon the successful completion of such.

Does the background check and/or drug screen need to be completed before verbally offering the employee the position?

It is not required to complete the background check and/or drug screen prior to making the verbal offer. However, all verbal offers are made conditional based upon the candidate's successful completion of the background check and drug screen.

What if any subsequent information will be required by the candidate?

Candidates will receive an electronic notification from HireRight, Inc.

How long does it take for a background check to be processed?

On average, background checks for U.S. citizens and permanent residents generally take up to 48 hours or two working days, depending on the information submitted by the candidate.

The results of the background check have shown that the candidate has falsified or provided incomplete application materials. Are there consequences?

Yes. If it is determined that at any step during the hiring process that an candidate has falsified or provided incomplete information, it may result in the applicant's disqualification of employment, withdrawal of the job offer, or termination.

What happens if a criminal conviction is identified during the background check process?

All background checks indicating a criminal conviction will be reviewed by the designated HR representative. A criminal record will not automatically disqualify a candidate from employment. Criminal records are reviewed for factors such as: severity of the offense, the length of time since the offense, and nature of employment offered, etc.

If I fail my drug screen, when can I reapply for employment?

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Who receives background check reported results on employees?

A designated Human Resources representative will receive the background check and drug screen results directly from HireRight.

An employee has started work prior to the completion of the background check. What happens if the University determines that the employee does not satisfactorily complete the background check?

The employee will be separated immediately.

If an applicant is "not viable" based on screening results, who has the responsibility to tell the candidate?

Human Resources will notify the candidate. However, the initial notification of a positive drug screen will come from an independent Medical Review Officer.

Will an adverse or "not viable" rating on one job eliminate an applicant from all employment?

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How can I obtain a copy for the background check/drug screen test report?

As part of your FRCA Rights, a copy of your report can be obtained by contacting HireRight at - 800-400-2761.