Nursing Mother's Room


Duquesne University is pleased to offer a private, comfortable nursing mother's room to students, faculty, staff members, or visitors who need to express breast milk or breastfeed an infant. The room is located in 331 Union near the Africa Room. The room offers a comfortable chair, table for pump or other items, electrical outlet, and changing table. Please note that the room does not offer a refrigerator or freezer. A sink for handwashing is available in a restroom just down the hall.

Request for Regularly Scheduled Time

To request regularly scheduled access to the nursing mother's room, please contact the Office of Human Resources at 412.396.6575 or HR will work with Public Safety to arrange key card access to the room at the scheduled time. Reservations are typically made in 30 minute blocks of time. 2-3 days of lead time for creating card access is needed.

If the requested time is already reserved for another person, Human Resources will work with the nursing mother and other campus partners to identify another private location to use for expressing milk at the needed time. Such alternative locations might include a conference room, office with a door, or other similar area other than a bathroom which is private and free from intrusion from others.

Request for Access after Hours (i.e. during university events)

If the need to use the nursing mother's room arises unexpectedly outside of Human Resources office hours (such as for a visitor attending a university event), please contact Student Union Information Center at 412.396.6632.

Questions about the nursing mother's room or its use can be directed to the Office of Human Resources at 412.396.6575 or