Vacation Purchase

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If you are a non-faculty, full-time employee of the University, you may purchase up to five additional vacation days.

  • Vacation is purchased in units of one full day.
  • Vacation purchase is completed with pre-tax dollars.

Calculating the Cost

The cost indicated on your enrollment information is determined by dividing your base annual salary by 260.

For example, $26,000 divided by 260 is $100 per day. Purchasing two vacation days would cost $200, or approximately $7.69 per pay ($200 divided by 26 bi-weekly pays.)

Using Your Purchased Days

Purchased days must be used within the plan year (which ends June 30th) or they are forfeited.

If you leave the University and have not used the purchased time you will be reimbursed on a pro-rated basis. There is no opportunity to sell vacation days back to the University.