Qualified Life Events

If you experience a Qualified Life Event as described below, you can now use bswift to update your information and upload dependent documentation. Simply follow these instructions to complete the process. 

When a Qualified Life Event occurs you can make changes to your benefit selections without waiting for the Open Enrollment period. It must be one of these situations:

Terminating Benefits

  • Death
  • Divorce
  • Gain of Other Coverage
  • Loss of Dependent Status

Adding Benefits

  • Birth/Adoption of a Child
  • Gain of Dependent Eligibility
  • Loss of Other Coverage
  • Marriage

Notify the Benefits Office in 30 Days

You must submit the online request and all supporting documentation to the Benefits Office within 30 days of your Qualified Life Event.

Required Documentation at a Glance

The type of documents -- confirming your eligibility or the eligibility of your dependents -- depends on which Qualified Life Event you have experienced. 

Marriage Marriage Certificate
Divorce Divorce Decree
Death Death Certificate
Birth/Adoption Birth Certificate which includes parent names/Court Adoption paperwork
Gain or Loss of Benefits Statement from employer showing names, coverage gained or lost, and effective date

Documentation Prevents Fraud and Controls Costs

People enrolled erroneously or fraudulently on our insurance plans, can cost the University thousands of unnecessary dollars in claims and administrative expense. Verifying each dependent’s eligibility is a way to contain insurance costs without asking employees to pay more to support the plan. In addition:

  • Duquesne has a responsibility under ERISA to ensure that plan dollars are used for the sole benefit of employees and their eligible dependents.
  • The University bears a fiscal responsibility to the plan and the plan participants.
  • Since the University offers pre-tax insurance premiums under Section 125 of the IRC, it is problematic to extend this tax shelter for dependents that are not eligible under the plan.