Michelle's Law

Benefit Continuation during Medical Leave from School

Duquesne University extends DUFlex coverage in accordance with Michelle’s Law (Public Law No. 110-381) to eligible dependents who are postsecondary educational students taking a medically necessary leave of absence from school because of a serious illness or injury.  Dependent students on medical leave of absence must meet all of the Plan’s other conditions of coverage, to remain eligible for active dependent coverage for 12 months even if the student no longer qualifies as a full-time student. This coverage will continue until the date that is one year after the first day of the medically necessary leave of absence or the date on which such coverage would otherwise terminate under the terms of the DUFlex Plan. 

The following requirements must be met:

  • Student must be a dependent child who is between the ages of 19 and 24 and enrolled as a full-time student immediately before the first day of the medical leave
  • Student must be on an approved medical leave of absence from school due to injury, illness or medical condition
  • Treating physician must complete required paperwork which provides written certification of the medical need for leave at least 30 days prior to a foreseeable leave or within 30 days after the start of an unforeseeable leave. 
  • Certification must state that the leave from school commenced while the child is suffering from a serious illness or injury; that the leave is medically necessary; and that the leave has caused the child to lose student status for purposes of coverage under the terms of this Plan