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Duquesne University retirement plan is designed to help employees accumulate the funds they need for a comfortable future.

The plan offers:

  • The ability for employees to begin contributing their own money on a pre-tax basis between two carriers: Fidelity and TIAA.
  • A wide choice of investment options to customize savings.
  • Eligibility for a University contribution that usually begins after 12 months of employment. Eligible employees contribute 5% of base salary while the University contributes 8%. Service requirements may be waived for eligible employees with one year of qualifying service with an educational institution. 
  • Immediate vesting of contributions, so employees have the right to receive all of the money in their accounts when they leave.
  • Contributions and investment earnings grow on a tax-deferred basis in a 403(b) plan until distribution is made.
  • Refer to the Summary Plan Description for additional details.


Get Information
  • Are you eligible?
  • Need help deciding on funds? Representatives from Fidelity and TIAA are on campus frequently to meet with you and help you decide the best way to invest based on your retirement goals. 
    • Fidelity Appointment Scheduling 1.800.642.7131 or Register Online               
    • TIAA Appointment Scheduling 1.800.732.8353 or Register Online
  • Review Quarterly Reports 
  • Review the Summary Plan Description for full plan details
Make A Change

If you would like to change the funds you are investing in, please contact the carriers directly.

Fidelity - 1.800.343.0860

TIAA - 1.800.842.2776