Retiree Benefits

Retiree Status Eligibility

Duquesne University defines "retiree status" as the attainment of age 62 with 10 years of full-time continuous service. The Office of Human Resources will be responsible for verifying eligibility for retirement status. 


Social Security

Plan to contact Social Security Administration three months prior to your retirement (if you and/or your spouse are age 65 or over) OR three months prior to turning age 65 if retiring before age 65. Information is available via Social Security Administration website or telephone 1.800.772.1213.


Review information at the Medicare website or telephone 1.800.Medicare (1.800.633.4227) As an additional resource, please visit the Making Sense of Medicare website. 

Retirement Savings Plan

Plan to contact the University retirement plan vendors three to six months prior to your retirement date to review your accounts and discuss potential investment and distribution strategies. 

Duquesne University DUFlex Benefits Eligibility

Duquesne University benefits eligibility ends the last day of the month in which you are employed. (Faculty employees on a 9 month appointment will continue to receive benefits through the last day of August.)

The Federal Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) gives you and your eligible dependents the opportunity to continue benefit coverage with our medical, dental, vision and flexible spending accounts upon retirement. The Duquesne University Benefits Office processes all COBRA information, including the mailing of COBRA Election materials to your home address and setting up a monthly payment schedule.

University life insurance eligibility also ends the last day of the month in which you are employed. Life insurance portability information will be mailed to your home address directly from the life insurance provider if you have been enrolled with voluntary employee, voluntary spouse, and/or voluntary child(ren) coverage. 

Education Benefits

Retirees and their eligible dependents may apply for Tuition Remission benefits per TAP #13 - Tuition Remission

Duquesne University Retiree Association

Information regarding the Duquesne University Retirees Association (DURA), including an online Membership application is available at the DURA website

Library Services for Retirees

Eligible retirees have access to Gumberg library resources.

Other Retiree Benefits
  • Access to email address
  • University ID card identifying you as a DU retiree. This Retiree ID is mailed to your current home address approximately four weeks after your retirement
  • 10% discount at the campus Barnes & Noble bookstore upon presentation of Retiree ID
  • Educational pricing at the campus Computer Store, depending on licensing restrictions
  • Discount on selected athletics events

Duquesne University TAP #2 - Post Retirement Health Reimbursement Account

The University provides retiree credits to eligible retirees as described in TAP #2 - Post Retirement Health Reimbursement Account. Information, including a "Retiree Credit Election" form is mailed from the Benefits Office to an eligible retiree's home address.