Wellness in Motion FAQ

What is the Wellness in Motion Program?

While the University is offering one Wellness in Motion program, both medical plans provide their own online wellness platforms. Cigna's MotivateMe platform and UPMC Health Plan's HealthyU platform offer customized wellness programs. Each healthy activity--including everything from the completion of a biometric screening and an online health assessment, to participation in various online coaching programs--has a corresponding Wellness in Motion Dollar value.

Who is eligible to participate in Wellness In Motion?

Generally, Duquesne University faculty and staff employees, along with their spouses, who are enrolled in the University's medical coverage are eligible to participate in the Wellness in Motion Program. 

What are the Rewards?

Employees have the opportunity to earn $300 Wellness in Motion Dollars. An eligible spouse has the opportunity to earn an additional $300 Wellness in Motion Dollars.

How Do I Get Started?

Create an online profile with your chosen medical carrier (Cigna or UPMC Health Plan). Once logged in, you will see a list of various healthy activities in which you can complete to earn Wellness In Motion dollars.

How can I access my earned Wellness In Motion dollars?

Depending on which medical plan you have chosen, you will receive your earned Wellness In Motion dollars through either an HRA, HIA or HSA. Refer back to the Wellness In Motion homepage for specific information on your plan's benefits outlined on the bottom of the page. 

Note that it may take three to four weeks from the completion of activities for processing of Wellness In Motion dollars. 

What happens if I do not use all of my earned Wellness In Motion dollars?

Cigna OAP and UPMC EPO members will have their unused Wellness in Motion dollars automatically rollover to the next plan year. There is a maximum rollover of two times the annual plan deductible.

This question does not apply to High Deductible Health Plan members as they automatically own their Health Savings Account and maintain access to these funds when they change medical plans, change jobs or retire.