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Working Spouse Contribution

Duquesne University will continue to offer medical coverage to all spouses of eligible employees. However, if your spouse is eligible for his/her own employer-sponsored medical plan but chooses to enroll in the University’s Cigna OAP or UPMC EPO plan, a pre-tax contribution of $46.15 per pay will be required. This charge is in addition to the monthly premium of your plan. You will be asked to certify your spouse’s eligibility during Open Enrollment.

The Spousal Contribution DOES NOT APPLY in the following situations:

  • You do not have a spouse
  • You have enrolled in Plan H which does not require spousal contribution
  • You have elected to waive University medical coverage
  • Your spouse is also an employee of Duquesne University
  • Your have elected not to enroll your spouse in a University medical plan
  • You have elected to enroll your spouse in a University medical plan and your spouse
    • Is not employed
    • Works for an entity that does not offer employer- sponsored medical insurance
    • Is not eligible for their employer-sponsored medical insurance
    • Has medical coverage through Medicare or Medicaid

When both spouses work at Duquesne University, the working spouse contribution will not be passed on.

In order to make a change to your working spouse contribution status, please complete the Working Spouse Contribution Form and return to the Benefits office along with any substatiation from your spouse's employer. Contact the Benefits Office if you have any questionns.