Psychology Clinic



Psychology Clinic I would like to submit the following description of the Clinic's diversity and inclusion efforts for the 2017 Diversity and Inclusion Fair:

The Rita M. McGinley Psychology Clinic is the primary training facility for the doctoral students in clinical psychology. The Clinic's mission is to provide supervised training experience for the doctoral students, while offering affordable, professional clinical services to the Duquesne community and the general public. The Clinic provides individual, couples, family, and group psychotherapy as well as psychological assessment. The Clinic's diversity and inclusion efforts include free services to military members and their families, and off-site services in partnership with community organizations for underserved populations. For example, the Clinic offers CHAAT, Children's Art And Talk groups in collaboration with the Center that CARES in the Hill District. CHAAT enhances afterschool programming for 4th and 5th grade, African-American students by offering art-based psycho-educational workshops that facilitate positive relationships and self-expression. Doctoral students in training co-facilitate the groups with local, African-American artists who bring expertise in African and African-American art-making traditions like storytelling, instrument- and mask-making. The Clinic also collaborates with FOCUS Pittsburgh to provide psychotherapy through its free health center for low income, uninsured, African-American residents of the Hill District. The Hill House Association has also been a long-time community partner of the Psychology Clinic. The Psychology Department educates students to be sensitive to the assumptions underlying any effort to understand human beings, and the historical, cultural, relational, and embodied character of all human thought and activity. Accordingly, we attend to the multiple meanings of existence; work for social/ecological justice, liberation, and the well-being of persons individually as well as in community; and do so with a deep and abiding consideration of ethics and individual and cultural diversity. As a human science, the psychology department embraces epistemological diversity in its theoretical, research, and clinical approaches, including but not limited to existential-phenomenology, psychoanalysis, depth psychology, humanistic psychology, feminism, post-structuralism, and ecopsychology.